Monlight dinner at Beach Culture (Pasir Ris Park)

Pasir Ris Park
As a 'reward' for attending Tian Xia, we went to Paris Ris Park.
The last time mommy was not with us as she was travelling so I insist I bring her there to take a look

Robe Climb
This time I was more confident. I even managed to get up the tall slide structure on my own without any help.

Little Lou climbing
I guess Little Lou would be joining me in my climbs soon!

Bye Sandals
We played till moonlight.
There are 3 restaurants along the park. We decided to head down to one of them for dinner
Restaurants by the beach
We chose Beach Culture as our dining venue for the night

Beach Culture
The ambience was really nice. They have an indoor and outdoor section and it reminds Dad of restaurants in Bali Beach.

The place was cosy and probably can hold about 50 people or more at any one time. There was a bar as well as dining options at BC.

Beach Culture


It was a good laid back dinner at BC. Daddy ate the Fish and Chips there. Food wise there was good but not spectacular. The ambiance is surprisingly nice as it make us feel like we were in Bali.
Will we be back again?
Probably if we decided to head down to Paris Ris Park to play again!

Fish and Chips

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