The Slide @ T3 Changi Airport

It's our Friday night 'happy hours' time.
Since I am attending classes on Sat / Sun, Daddy decided Friday night should be a fun time for me.
It's hard to find nigh time activities for the kids, but living in the east means the airport is only a short 15 mins away!

Wacky and the Merlion
We took our time walking around the airport. I had wanted to go the T3 playground with Louis because that is where I usually play when I am at the airport. Otherwise we always have the mini train rides that we could take.
However first up, we will be having Dinner at Xin Wang Cafe . A HK Style cafe in T3.
Xin Wang Cafe

The food was ok, more like HK style food court food and price is reasonable at mostly $10 + / - per dish.
Beware of Me

I still look forward to my 'playground' and harping on it during dinner.
The Slide @ T3

However I saw something that changed my mind about the playground.
It was The slide @ T3.
This is the biggest slide in Singapore. 4 stories high!
I initially took the lower one at B2, but dad realised that we can take the taller one at Level 1 if we had spend more than $10.

In the end we took the larger slides for 7 times.
(Do note every $10 spend gives you a free ticket on the taller slide. The lower slide is free)

There was suppose to be a height restriction on the slides.
You need to be 110cm to ride the lower one at 130cm on the higher one.
In addition , you need to be 7 and up for the larger slide.
Hmm... Guess I am a big boy now??

By the way, you can spend today and take the slide later as the ticket for the free slide last 3 months!
We will definitely be back at T3 slide.
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