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Star Wars Kinect preorder

Daddy had preodered  Star Wars Kinect for me. (Actually I think Daddy is the star war fan, but that is another story altogether)
Today is the collection date at Plaza Singapura.
The early bird will receive a Star Wars toy. In addition, the first 100 with Digital Life get a free Disneyland Kinect as well!
Not bad, 2 games, 1 toy and a free bag for only 59.90

Just in case you are wondering, Daddy skip lunch to collect. It just take about 30 mins to queue and collect.
We should be playing this by weekend if we can get our TV fix by then...( our living room TV is not working)
Thanks Xbox and Digital Life for the games and goodies!
Preorder Card
Clone Trooper guarding the games
The Goodies!

The Crowd

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