Birthday Celebration at The Loft Cafe Chinatown

Look out for this sign!
It's Saturday night.
The time is 8pm
Why are we out on a Saturday night at this hour?

We are heading to The Loft Cafe in Chinatown.
We found the sign at the junction of Smith Street and South Bridge Road.
This cafe is well known for its pancakes and waffles and is located on the 2nd floor (above Nanyang Old Coffee)

Look out for the sign along Smith Street  and follow the stairs up to a bright and cheerful cafe.

The Entrance
We were lucky as we had a few signs to guide us. Today we will be celebrating our Aunt Melissa (Daddy's Cousin) 21st birthday.
We recently attended another birthday along the same building last month!
Jia En's 1s birthday at 8 treasures

It seems like these quaint little shophouses in Chinatown are getting popular for hosting birthday celebrations.

Aunt Melissa's 21st birthday

Staircase to the Loft
The place was very well decorated for a birthday party. The petals, the lamps on the stairs, the balloons as well as the ribbons are a warm and welcoming sight on the way up.

Overall the space on the 2nd floor was bright and cheerful ( yes we used this word before, but it seems quite apt for this cafe). The Loft Cafe is well known for Pancakes and Waffles. We had that as well as pizzas for dinner

The Loft Cafe

This is perhaps our 60 + birthdays we had attended over the years.
We would like a place if
1) It is big enough for kids to roam about
2) The ambience is good
3) Some form of entertainment for us
4) Located Centrally

The Loft Cafe scores on the venue. It is a 2  storey venue with a  private room on the 3rd floor.
The cafe can accommodate from a party as small as 50 to one as large as 200. Not only it is good for parties, it seems like a good place for holding corporate events ( which we would never be invited : P ). This could be a good place for mommies and daddies looking for venues for celebration. The Loft Cafe provides kid friendly food to celebrate 1st birthdays or any birthdays for that matter. The Loft Cafe also provides musicians and magicians on request.

The Loft Cafe is essentially a cafe that serves good pancakes and waffles during regular hours . However it is open to hosting events as well.

Daddy was impressed with the set up. There are projectors and a sound system on the 3rd floor, allowing for movies as well as music jam session (Similar to Xinyao) on the 3rd floor.

Parking can be found near Budda tooth relic temple or Maxwell road hawker center.

Bright and Cheerful

Unfortunately Kor Kor was too tired ( he had 2 classes on Saturday) that he was asleep for quite a while

Big Eyes
On the other hand, I was wide awake as I had my afternoon naps

Back to the party. This year, we have 2 aunties turning 21.

Louis's Godma 21st birthday at Fosters

 21 is a significant year to celebrate a birthday as it would signal a step into adulthood. Dad can't wait look forward for the day we turn 21. We have still a long long long way to go
(Dad talk : It's alright kids, take your time. I still want to enjoy my 'youth')

The Party!

We had a good time at The Loft Cafe. There were even singing performances and our cousin Erica actually performed for us.

Happy 21st birthday Aunt Melissa!

The Little Details

Operation Hours:Monday 
9:00am – 3:00pm
Tuesday – Sunday
9:00am – 10:00pm 
Address :268A South Bridge Road (off Smith Street) Singapore 058817
Phone:65 6221 2103

(PS The above photos were taken with Dad's new Camera. Olympus OMD-EM5. The quality may be different from the earlier posts- taken with a Canon 550d)

What do you think? Are the photo quality better or worse or no different than the earlier posts
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