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Port of Lost Wonder Sentosa Review

Steering to POLW
Daddy finally bought us to POLW in Sentosa.
It has been 2 weeks since its opening and there are alot of amazing reviews out there on the net.
We try our best to give our take here.

We parked at Palawan beach , thinking that since POLW is at Palawan, it would be the nearest carpark. It was a blazing 20 mins walk on the beach to POLW under the hot afternoon sun.

Tip 1: Park at Beach carpark next time, it is sheltered and only 5 mins walk to POLW. It is also near Songs of the Seas for evening entertainment after POLW.
Captain Palawan
We were wondering why POLW is called POLW. Our guess is that since it is on Palawan Beach and Captain Palawan leaves there, we think POLW is where he hides his lost treasures!

There is a promotion going on. There is a 15% discount of rack rates($15) and 20% discount off membership($90). We think its cheap compared to the indoor playground. Do note that if kids under 3 wants to play in the pool, they need to pay as well. We were given passports and gold coins (100 curios each). We need to wear a wrist tag to identified us as guests.
Adults are free!

The entrance
As we prepare for the water, daddy and mommy had to find space to sit. There are chairs and tables, but most of them are taken up. There are sitting areas under trees as well.

Tip 2 : Bring your own picnic mats 
Are we ready?

Let's go!
Tip 3 :  Don't forget your waterguns and water play toys. There is a sandpit there as well, so you can bring some sand play toys too.
Pirate Boy
I am wearing my pirate wetsuit. It is not from POLW but Cotton On.

Tip 4 : Don't forget the swim gears for kids!
Water boy

Wacky Duo playing
The main attraction is the pirate ship at the center of POLW. There are mainly 3 slides there (Red, Blue, Green). The red slide is more for kids below 5. To get up the pirate ship, you need to have an adult with you if you are below 6. In addition, there are pockets of pool area for kids to play.
Although the pool is not deep, do keep an eye out for kids under 2.
In addition, there is a 'semi-dry ' area to explore as well as sand pits in POLW.
The Pirate Ship

Daddy is our main playmate for the day. There are alot of Daddies and Mommies in the pool area as well.
Daddy played with us the whole day and ended up looking like a Lobster.

Tip 5 : Daddies and Mommies, bring your swim gear along

Tip 6 : Don't forget the sunblock!
Playing with Daddy

Let's slide
Tip 7 :  Dont miss the big splash!
Having fun!
There are other activities as well. I think it is more suited for older kids. You can use your curios to exchange for foam party, parachute , story telling and more. There are however some activities that required payments so it is best to check with POLW.
Other activities
There are shirts for sale as well. They actually look good!
POLW shirts
We had a wild time there, spending almost 4 hours at POLW.
We would love to be back!

1) Water Water Water
2) Wading pools!
3) Colourful theme that would attract the young ones
4) Relatively cheap

1) Waterplay area are rather small, not enough 'running' space  compared to the zoo
2) Not enough sheltered area and sitting area for adults
3) Activities could be better plan and engaging for younger kids
4) Curios should be used to exchange for snacks or small gifts as memento
5) Separate price for kids under 3 please (They don't play the main ship and other activities so they should not be charged full fare!)


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