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TheWackyDuo.com was appointed as Marina Bay AmBAYssador and we were invited to a media tour on the opening day of Gardens by the Bay – Bay South.

Bay South is Gardens by the Bay first official Garden. Bay East was opened earlier, but it is currently in interim stage and still a work in progress. These gardens will eventually link with Bay central in the future. It is the largest of the 3 gardens at 54 ha. It is masterplanned by UK-based landscape architecture firm Grant Associates.
Tip :  Park at the basement carpark located at the Visitors Information Centre for easy access to the attractions in South Bay

Here is a roundup of the attractions that was showcase during the tour
The Conservatories

The cooled conservatories, which are two glass biomes located in Bay South are known
as – the Flower Dome (cool dry biome) and Cloud Forest (cool moist biome).
Flower Dome

Flower Dome
The Flower Garden

There are several thousand year old trees and Baodads house in this 1.2ha garden. The garden has a changing floral display. The Flower Dome climate resembles to cool-dry Mediterranean and subtropical region. There is an indoor event space for 1000 within the Flower Dome.

Tip : Do rent a audio guide if you are interested in knowing more about the plants.
Oldest tree in the Flower Dome

Family sculpture

Bed of Flowers
There is a restaurant called Pollen in the flower done. This restaurant is fronted by one of London Top Chef - Michelin Star Jason Atherton. I think this place would be a romantic place to chill under the evening stars, with a fantastic view of the City Skyline. A probable date with the Missus is on the plan.

Tip : Access to Pollen can be done outside the Flower Dome, you do not need to pay admission fee. 

There are huge interactive panels near the exit. Do let the kids try out these giant 'Ipads'. Guarantee to give the kids some funtime in the Gardens.

Tip : If you would like to enjoy the Gardens and if your kids are restless, head for this area to let them enjoy the Gardens as well
Interactive Wall aka Giant'Ipad'

Cloud Forest
Cloud Forest Entrance
Next, step into the 0.8ha cloud forest whereby a lost city awaits. You will be transported to the cool-moist Tropical Montane region. Be 'WOW' by the 35 metre man-made mountain and waterfall.
Be Awed!

 Take a lift up and be transported to the Lost World , whereby prehistroic plants awaits.

Enter the Lost World
Be amaze by the pitcher plans, ferns and even the Venus Fly Catcher
Venus Fly Catcher
Walk on clouds at the Clouds Walk. Be warned, temperature can drop as low as 15 degrees in the evening.

Tip : bring a Jacket along during the evening for a cool and leisurely walk
At the top of the mountain
Cloud Walk

The 2 conservatories have admission charges applied. For kids, the Cloud Forest would be a better option for exploration. For photo buffs, both conservatories provide excellent Macro as well as wide lens opportunities. I found myself having to switch lens as I walk along to take the best photos of each scene.
Both Conservatories are wheel chair and pram friendly with ramps replacing steps in most areas.
Baby changing facilities are available on site.

Tip : Both Conservatories allow mulit -entry per day. So if you would like to revisit one during the same day, remember to get a re-entry stamp!
Vantage View from the Waterfall View
Do pop by the photography exhibits do by the Marina Bay AmBAYssador photographers. The photos are excellent and depicts the Gardens by the Bay at different time of the day.
Photo Exhibits by Marina Bay AmBAYssador Photographers
Keep a lookout for interesting structures that are found in every nooks and corners of the Bay South. They can be found both outdoors and indoors providing a welcome visual feast amid the greenery.

Family of Elephants
The Supertrees
SuperTrees@Supertree Groove
Do look up when you are in the Gardens. There are 18 Supertrees standing at 25m to 50 m in height. They are situated around the Gardens. The tallest tree even has a bar on top (not open yet).
Golden Garden Supertrees
Interesting Fact :  There are supposed to be twice the number of SuperTrees. However it has to be reduced as construction cost soars over 30%. Bay South was estimated to cost SGD 1 Billion to buid!.
OCBC Skyway
Situated between 2 trees is a 22m high 128 long OCBC Skyway. The skyway is not for the fainted hearted during strong winds as it does sway a bit. Nevertheless it is quite stable and the view there is simply amazing!  

Tip : This is a great venue to catch the Fireworks at Marina Bay during NDP and Countdown.
View from the Skyway
There are 2 light and sound show at 745 pm and 845 pm nightly. Evening would be a good time to bring the kids. The afternoon may be a challenge, especially around the open gardens due to the blazing sun and the heat.
The Supertrees can be found at Silver Garden , Golden Garden and the main clusters at Supertree Groove.
Garden Cruiser
Garden Cruiser
There is a hop on – hop off tram featuring a 25 minute tour. Travel in style as this feature an audio guide and it is wheelchair friendly.
There are 3 other main attractions in Bay South. I have missed them due to time constraint. All these attractions are free compared to the earlier ones reviewed.

Heritage Gardens
Chinese Garden
These are 4 gardens signifying the main ethnic groups (Chinese, Malay , Indian and Colonial) in Singapore . Discover how plants play a part in culture, as well as their historical significance in our colonial heritage.

World of plants.
A collection of six gardens, that hopes to educate us in the various functions of plant life.

Dragonfly lake
Source : Gardens by the Bay
Find out how the Dragonfly lake plays a role in supporting the ecosystem vital to the garden as you stroll along the 440 meter boardwalk.

Dining Options
Seventh Heaven with special ice cream flavours created for Gardens by the Bay
There are several dining options available at the Gardens by the Bay.
Do check here for more information on the dining options.

Retail Therapy

3 Retail outlets fronted by the Gardens by the Bay are available. They sell mostly souvenirs from the Gardens by the Bay.

The Gardens by the Bay focus more of an edutainment vs a 'go wild place' for kids. Its aim is to get people to appreciate flora and fauna in this CityState. If you are looking at a playground for kids, this is may not be the place to go. However if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, a walk at our very own ‘Central Park ‘could be a good therapy and a breath of fresh air. It does transport you to another region, giving you a feel that you are on a mini getaway.

Tip : Do bring along the camera as there are photo opportunities everywhere!
Garden City
The City state has lived up to its reputation – A Garden City.

Bravo Singapore!

PS: For those really looking for a playground. There should be one opening up by the end of the year. No, the designers did not listen to thewackyduo.com on insisting that there should be one. It is actually part of the plan. This playground would be known as the Tadpole Play area, It should be ready the same time as Satay by the Bay and located right next to the Cloud Forest. In the meantime, do engage the kids to appreciate Gardens by the Bay by picking up an activity booklet specially made for the kids. The boys will be visiting the Gardens soon!
Booklet for kids
Tip : Do dress comfortably (a.k.a - the Singapore tradition of Bermudas and T shirts) as the weather can be quite unforgiving.
Media Tour
Thanks to Gardens by the Bay and Marina Bay Singapore (URA) for the invite. A special thanks for Ferne of Gardens by the Bay for a personalized tour!

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We have introduce some events during the opening weekend at
Here are some more selected events for kids during the opening of Bay South

OCBC Light and Sound Show
2 July onwards . 745pm to 8pm , 845pm to 9pm, Free admission
Gardens by the bay ‘not to be miss’ Signature nightly display of magical lights and sounds amid the giant Supertrees

The Story Garden
4 to 5 July 5pm to 530pm, 6pm -630pm Flower Dome. Admission apply
6 July 5pm to 530pm, 6pm -630pm, Indian Gardens , Free Admission
Listen to a host of stories in the company of wise trees – Highly recommended for kids.

A Garden of Song
6 July 6pm to 630 pm, Flower Dome, Admission apply
Savour nature-inspired melodious pieces, presented by local outfit, Sing Song Club

The Analog Girl (Live)
6 July 8pm-845 pm, 9pm to 945pm, Supertree Groove, Free admission
Enjoy an evening of dreamy soundscapes performance by Musicity Singapore

Singapore Garden Run (with youth concert)
7 July 5pm to 730pm , The Meadow, Free admission
Enjoy a full day of activities including a race and performance by youth bands

Performance by Singapore Symphony Orchestra
7 July 645 to 745pm Supertree Groove, Free admission
Performance by a quartet from the SSO

Ring Around the Roses
7 to 8 July, 10am to 5 pm, Silver Garden , Free admission
Kids, parents and the young at heart can revel in a day of carnival-like atmosphere, crafts and performances by Cake Theatrical – Highly recommended for kids

Swing! In the Gardens
8 July, 5pm to 545pm , Supertree Grove. Free admission
Enjoy an evening of lively dances and join in the fun for friends and family

Performance by the Singapore Lyric Opera Children’s Choir
8 July, 615pm to 645 pm , Supertree Grove, Free admission
Watch young stars deliver vocal performances that celebrate the beauty of nature

Symphony of Life
8 July, 730pm to 8pm , 9pm to 930pm, Supertree Groove, Free admission
With larger-than-life costumes and sound, this surround-sound sculpture-cum-musical display showcases the garden’s unique design and structure.

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