RWS Hard Rock Hotel and Festive Hotel Pool review

Hard Rock Hotel Pool
Our first day we decided to explore the Hard Rock Hotel pool
Being Water boys, we were excited about playing in the pool.

We had tried the water playgrounds around shopping malls, but we had yet to experience the pool as brothers. (See our selected mini adventures below)

Neither of us are swimmers, but we were delighted by the sight of water.

The Hard Rock Hotel has a free-form pool (0.8 to 1.2M). This pool is seamlessly integrated with a unique sandy beach surrounded by swaying palms. There is a mini wet play area next to the baby pool (0.5M). There is also a lap pool as well as a beach volleyball court

Lou new swim wear
No surprise that we decided to head for the mini wet play area first. It wasn't long that we decided to explore the pool with our floating gear on!
Mini wet play area

In fact we love the water so much that we spend much time in it. We did managed to allocate some time back to the mini wet play area. There was a slide at the play area and I wasted no time sliding down.
The Slide
Meanwhile the little one decided to test the water play area instead : )
The place was more crowded compared to the last time when we were here. Nevertheless we did enjoyed ourselves in the pool. One warning for couples, the kids there will overwhelm you : P

the fireman
Another bit we love about the pool are the pockets of little spaces that allow us to spend some 'quiet' family time together. The pool is quite huge and we enjoyed moving from one place to another.
Pockets of space around the pool

Water time with Mummy

The kids club for RWS is also located at Hard Rock Hotel pool. To locate it, turn right on entrance to the main pool. The Kids Club is next to the beach volleyball court. We did not try this one as the small boy is too young to attend the Kids Club. We are inseparable as brothers and thus this option was not for us

Kids Club

Festive Hotel Pool

Festive Hotel Pool

We decided to give Festive Hotel pool a chance as well. Actually we saw the pool when we were having breakfast at Fiesta in the morning and I insisted on playing here. So Mummy has no choice but to agree...

Actually we enjoyed this pool more as it is less crowded (everyone is at Hard Rock Hotel Pool!)

There are Cabanas along side the pool. It is free for use. The Cabanas makes a good place for us to rest and relax. The Cabanas are limited, so be there early to get one.
Show me your teeth
To sidetrack, this is the expression we had whenever Daddy asked us to smile or show him our teeth. He mentioned that we look constipated. We still do not know what he meant.

Little L likes the open space at the Festive Hotel Pool. It allows him to move freely. The pool at HRH has too much water and too little space to run. The pool here may be smaller but we love the kids pool(0.5M) that allowed both of us to stand without floats. For some reason Louis insist on standing on his own without float.

He thinks he is a fish.

Daddy thinks its time for swimming lessons. Anyone has any swimming schools or instructors to recommend?

Bondi Lifeguard
Having fun!

There is also a mini wet play area there. Naturally Louis could not resist the temptation to play in it.
Unfortunately we had to cut our session short as it was about to rain on the day...

Next up :  Universal Studio Singapore for kids!

Mini Water play area

Time to go!


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