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About Abrakadoodle
Abrakadoodle is a franchise from US. It focus on art education for kids using different arts techniques and the usage of creative art materials. Abrakadodle has 3 branches in Singapore.

We started our official lessons at Abrakaddole at Big Splash 3 weeks ago.
Since Louis had stopped his GUG lessons, Daddy and Mummy felt he should still have some enrichment class exposure to prepare him for Nursery classes next year.  I decided to join a class too as I am getting interested in arts and craft.

Louis still has some pre-class phobia. He still resist to go to class (the main reason why he stopped GUG in the first place). In fact he is quite similar to me in my younger days. We both have our crying fits for a few minutes as 'protest' for going to class. It used to scare the hell out of Mummy and Daddy, but nowadays  they were pretty immune to it (due to the very thick skin they had grown...)
Louis Glass Flower

However once the lesson started, the hands-on activity got Louis engaged and he eventually settled in. It helped that his class is only 45 mins. Hopefully these classes will help ease his fear about classes. On the other hand, I am proud to say that I had conquered my fear about attending classes.
Louis is in the Toddler Doodlers class. The lessons was conducted by a teacher with a ratio of 1 : 8. The teacher would began with a song followed by an introduction of a new artist (related to the activity of the day). She  would give a demostration of the activity and then it is hands on thereafter. At the conclusion of the class, each student would do a mini show and tell.
Charles Lesson
For me, I am in the Mini Doodlers class. My class is slightly longer (about 1 hour). The concept is similar to the Toddler Doodlers class. Daddy feels that Abrakadoodle concentrate more on the craft side of arts and craft. If you are looking for arts lesson ( i.e. drawing), these classes may not be suitable for you. Daddy intends to expose us for one term and assess our progress. It is too early to tell if this would be a long term enrichment class for us.
The Little Details

Abrakadoodle Playground@Big Splash
Venue       : Playground @ Big Splash
                   902 East Coast Parkway Blk B #02-05B
                   Singapore 449874

email        mailto:eastcoast@abrakadoodle.com.sg

Telephone : 62477288

Website    : http://www.abrakadoodle.com.sg/index.htm

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