Baker for a day @ Genius R Us workshop

We were invited to a Workshop hosted by Genius R Us at City Square Mall. Contrary to the name, this is not a normal enrichment class <Insert a huge sign of relief>  I had just attended 2 enrichment classes earlier and am glad this class is different. Instead we discovered that it is actually a baking workshop creatively designed to inspire the baking Genius in us. Genius R Us has been conducting baking classes for the past 9 years in Singapore. It is a unique Singapore idea evolved from a winning business plan by Violet,  the founder and owner.

At Genius R Us
Having experienced making pizza and cupcakes previously, I was excited by the prospect of attending a Baking class. In addition, Genius R Us has kindly allowed my little brother to participate in the event with me. Do note that there are 2 kinds of classes for kids.
  • Tots can bake for age 2.5 to 5
  • Kidz can bake for age 5-12
Each workshop last an average of 2 hours.
For 'Tots can bake', parents must accompany the kids. Since we are technically in a 'Tots can bake' workshop, Daddies and Mummies get to learn to bake as well! (It's Daddy's first time baking too!)
The Wacky Bakers
Each participant were given a set of apron and bakers hat to wear before the class. With this 'professional' look, we quickly got into our roles as bakers for the day. Just in case you are wondering, the apron keeps our clothes clean and bakers hat is meant to prevent our hair from dropping into the food. So this baking gear is absolutely necessary and functional (besides making us look good)

Zoo Safari Cuppies
We had chosen 'Zoo Safari Cuppies' as our workshops. As the name suggest, we will be baking cupcakes using animal faces as a mould. There are several more themed workshops available at different dates. There is even a workshop to bake Singapore a birthday cake in August! For the full list and schedule, you can visit Genius R Us August Schedule

The Introduction

The baking table
When we saw the baking table, we were excited and ready to go.We were introduced to baking tools and various ingredients to make our cupcakes. This is the first time we got up close with raw ingredients and it was a good eye opener for us. We also like the fact that plastic tools were used (Except for butter knife) for the preparation. This would make it safe especially for the younger toddlers. We never have the chance to step into the kitchen at home and look forward to get our hands dirty!

Before we start, there is a teacher who first introduced the ingredients to us. The teacher was engaging and clear in her instructions. I was paying attention throughout. (Daddy likes the fact that I am actually sitting still and listening instead of playing with the baking tools)

Teachers@Genius R Us
The Preparation
Even though this was a parent-child class, I managed to do most of the preparation ourselves for the workshop. Brother also tried his best to do it on his own (Even though he is 'underage' for the course, he still participates willingly)

Check out the ingredients used for the cupcakes. We like the fact that we had to prepare with raw ingredients as it allow us to understand our cupcake is made. In addition , we learn precision as we carefully measured the necessary weight of the products used.
Ingredients for cupcakes
 My baking assistant for the day is Mummy.
 Louis had Daddy as his baking assistant for the day.

Baking time
After the food was prepared, it was time for us to mix it to form the dough for the cupcake. We were introduced to the dough mixer to help us mix our ingredients
Mixing and a little taste test
In addition, we had to prepare the animal mould tray before we pour our readied mixture into the mould. We learn that by putting butter into the mould, it would make it greasy and our cupcakes will turn out nicer as it fits into the mould.

Greasing the mould
 It's time for us to pour our mixture!

Baker @ work
After that, the mould will be in the oven for approximately 20 minutes. This is also the time when we decide to ran around take our break.

What's cooking?
We took the opportunity to look around during our break. Genius R Us has 2 main rooms, one is for Kidz can Bake! and the other is for Tots cab Bake! classes. In addition, the Kidz can bake class looks big enough to hold a mini cooking birthday party. When we were there, the room was already set up for a birthday party. We think it is a great idea and a good alternative to the indoor playground venue.

In case you think that baking is only for girls, we would like to dispel the notion. We enjoyed our class and learnt a few things while we were at it as well.
Genius R Us rooms
Daddy feels that the teachers could add a little lesson during this break. Maybe Genius R Us could consider story telling or some activities during this time to enhance the experiences. Nevertheless after an interesting mini tour, our animal cupcakes are ready.

Animal Cupcakes
The Final Product
It's time for us to put the finishing touch to our masterpieces
Baker finishing touches

My first cupcake
Check our our finished products...

The cupcakes were so yummy that we finished eating half of them within a day. Usually these cupcakes can last for abut 4 days.

At the end of the course, we were given a photo frame to commemorate our successful workshop.

A big thanks to Genius R Us for the opportunity to experience this workshop. We loved the fact that the workshop was a  hands-on class and we get to learn what a baker does. In addition, the fact that we can do this as a family gave us a good opportunity to bond as well. Daddy and Mummy had enjoyed themselves as our assistant bakers for the day.

We had a great time and would recommend this to families who are looking for alternative activities to participate with the kids!
Big Smile from the Baker
The Little Details
Genius R Us
City Square Mall Studio
180 Kitchener Road
Singapore 208539
Tel: 6634 6020 / 6221 4561 / 8183 0563 (sms)
Fax: 6634 1268

Facebook  :
Website :

 How to get there:
By MRT - North East Line - Alight at Farrer Park Station (Exit I) Underpass link to the Mall
By Car - Parking lots available at B3 & B4

Genius R Us will open a new branch in Sembawang Shopping Centre on 12 Aug.
There are  promotional rates for selected workshops from as low as $12 onwards. Slots are limited. Check Genius R Us for more info

Aug Programs @ City Square Mall

Classes are available as single workshops or in packages
Birthday Party Packages are available as well.
More information can be found at

The Wacky Duo were invited to attend 1 workshop session. No monetary compensation was received. All Opinions are of our own

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