Haircut and Milestone

Preparing for my haircut
You may wonder what does haircut got to do with a child milestone. You may be surprised to learn that going to a haircut in our household is often a challenge for us, thus conquering it equates to a milestone.

Our parents associated haircuts with going to war. When Kor Kor was younger he took each haircut as a training session for the next parade commander for National Day. Each haircut session before he turned 32 months  bought nightmares to our parents. Visions of a tiny terror screaming his lungs out , struggling to break free and held down for a snip of the hair still haunt our parents sleep.

I had decided to follow my brother's path. We are brothers and its no surprise that our characters are similar. I had the same struggle, the same fighting spirit and the same scream that would make any parade commander proud. When it was time for a haircut a week after my 2nd birthday at Junior League Parkway Parade , my parents were not exactly looking forward to it. Daddy contemplated to don his army greens and helmet to face the battle with me.

See our previous haircut session at Junior League

Kor Kor was up first. He had done his tour of duty and had adjusted to civilian life almost 3 years ago

During the haircut, Daddy sneak in a question for me

Daddy : Are you going to cry again?
Me : Nope

Daddy : Are you sure ?
Me : Yes

When it was my turn to cut hair, the skeptical Daddy asked me again

Daddy : You sit on your own today?
Me : Yes !

1 minute into the haircut, I was sitting still, no movement save for the darting eyes following the movement of the scissors. 5 minutes onwards, still hardy a wimp from me.

Throughout the whole session I was sitting still like a statue. After an exhilarating 15 minutes for my parents where Mummy actually shed a tear, I have officially conquered my fear of haircut. An official milestone for me!

I may not recite my A to Z, count 1 to 20 or be as eloquent as Kor Kor when he was only 22 months, but I am hitting my emotional intelligence (EQ) milestones at a faster pace.

Yes we are brothers, but we develop differently as well. That makes us unique individuals and make each parenting journey a different yet endearing one for our parents.

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