Happy Birthday Lo!

Happy 2 Lou!
Lou Turns 2  today.

I would like to do a quick recap of the little boy’s progress and milestone
As of today, Lou can
  • Walk on his own
  • Talk or blabber
  • Count from 1 to 10 ( with lots of assistance and prompting)
  • Eats on his own (he does that when he is about 20 months old)
  • Sleeps on his own (with some help from the milk bottle – not a good habit, I may add)
  • Play with brother ( in his own way and more often irritate his brother – not on purpose)
  • Give his older brother a hug when he is sad
  • Master the functions of IPAD
  • Breakdance ( Seriously... Will take a video if I can) 
  • Make his parents smile at his cheekie antics 
  • Blow bubbles ; especially at people who scold him (Smack head)
  • Say Nah Nah Bu Bu ( When either scolded or when he wants to disturb someone)
  • Say A B C .... and that ‘s it... the boy is too lazy to learn A to Z
  • Eat almost everything (veggie included)
  • Say a few words
  • Identify some objects and animals
  • Roars like a lion, lick his hands like a cat and stick out his tongue and pants to identify a dog??
  • Identify and call out the people around him, except he calls Daddy-Eddy and Mummy–Ah Me
  • Draw  circles
  • Burst into Tears when he wants his ways
  • Blow Candles
  • Throw the fiercest tanturms a baby could muster
  • Fix Puzzles

He Weights 12 Kg and is now 82cm

The list is not endless. He will continue to progress (at his own pace no less)
From baby to toodler
Welcome to the terrible 2!

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