Bali for Kids - Ubud, Tanah Lot , Kuta

A walk in Ubud
We continue with our mini day trips in Bali.
Part 1 can be found here.

Half day tour - Ubud coffee farm , Tanah lot sunset (6 Hours)

Our tour for today begins in the afternoon. Initially we had planned to visit Batur volcano, however our plans were abruptly changed when we discovered we were robbed in the wee hours of the morning. Daddy had to spend the whole morning in the police station to make a police report necessary for our insurance claims. The thieves stole our iPad, iPhone, dad and grandpa watches, cash and camera bag amongst others. Surprisingly they left our cameras behind, thus allowing us to bring you this review of Bali.

Courtesy to the robbers, we made a last minute change of plans. Instead of staying in the villa to brood over our loss, we decided to make a trip to Ubud.

Coffee farm at Ubud
Ubud coffee farm

We visited a coffee farm and got a first hand experience how Bali coffee is traditionally made. We were given free taste of over 8 flavours of coffee. Some of the coffee tasted very nice. However since Daddy is on a tight cash budget given what we had left after the robbery , we did not buy any back to Singapore.

Exploring the coffee farm
After a quick lunch ( more on the food later) we proceed to Tanah Lot. No points for guessing the time we took to reach. And if you have to guess, it is about 1 hour .Daddy was glad that we did not turn out whiny or unmanageable during the long minibus rides that we took.

Sunset at Tanah Lot
Tanah Lot Sunset

The last time our parents were at Tanah Lot, was during their honeymoon about 8 years ago. The last time it was just the 2 of them posing with Tanah Lot temple behind them. After 8 years, they have us The Wacky Duo for company. Regardless of what happened earlier, the significance actually made Daddy smile.

Tanah lot was beautiful. We walked down to the beach to get a closer look at the temple on the rock. Bali may not be as modernised as Singapore, but I guess that is where the charm is. At least I get to experience a different side of life that I would not normally have the chance to.

Moments @ Tanah Lot
With this, we ended our half day tour. Given the circumstances, we were pleased that we managed some sightseeing for the day.

Half Day Tour - Kuta beach (4 Hours)

What is a holiday to Bali without a visit to the famed Kuta beach. Actually we did not plan to go to the beach but our parents had wanted to do a little bit of Kuta shopping and to visit the Bali memorial dedicated to the victims of Bali bombing in 2002.

Kuta turtles
The beach looks inviting with clean white natural sands and clean blue sea. Too bad we did not bring our swimwear along as the intention was to head directly back to the airport after this short trip to Kuta.

Kuta beach
We decided to head toward the memorial to the right of the beach ( facing sea). The memorial is located on the second lane after the beach.

Along the way, the mummies and daddies were distracted by some last minute shopping. The 'fun' about shopping in Bali is bargaining. If you have been to the major warehouses in Bali where goods are sold fix price, you would roughly know the price you should get for similar stuff in Kuta. The advice is to bargain hard to at least 50 percent or more, stick to the price you are willing to pay ( usually higher than warehouse by 10000 rupiah) and walk away if price is not right.

Shopping in Bali
The rule of the thumb is to find a shop that gives you a decent price and buy most of what you need there. If you are looking for Bali shirts for kids, most stores carry the same range of clothes. The price for a shirt is approximately 20000 to 25000 rupiah depending on your bargaining skills. If you hate the process of bargaining, head towards a shopping mall with fix price ( there is one on the left of the beach) Clothes sold in the shopping mall may be different and at times better in quality.

I want this mummy.
We finally reached the Kuta memorial. On the way, mummy bought 2 tees and shorts for me and Kor Kor. I guess no matter where, Singaporean still loves to shop.

Kuta memorial
A special thanks to our drive / guide for this trip. He has been most accomodating and helpful in planning our day tours around Bali.

Our Driver

Dining options in Bali

We had visited a total of 8 restaurants in Bali.

Most of the place served authentic Indonesia food. Well actually most of the place sold similar Indonesia food.

Warang Taulan @ Changgu
Some of the restaurants were more memorable than others. Here is a glimpse of some of the resturants we visited during the trip.
Our first night dinner was at Warnag Taulan. We had Indonesian food. The setting was romantic as we ate in a hut beside a pond with fishes and ducks. The evening was somewhat marred by Daddy falling through the steps of the hut and almost into the pond ( he must lose some weight!) , nevertheless the ambiance made up for the incident.

Another location we love is at Ubud. The restaurant was set beside a paddy field and we had a nice view of ducks at the paddy field. The one thing we could not agreed on was the choice of Daddy's lunch - crispy duck.

Our last dinner at Echo Beach. The location was indeed hard to find and hard to forget.

Echo Beach
We had a nice dinner there. The prices for the seafood is definitely much cheaper compared to Jimbaran. It even looks fresher and cleaner. Grandpa said he had the best satay there.
Dinner at echo beach restaurant
We would love to bring you a review of the place we stayed. However since we had a break-in and we are in the midst of reaching a settlement with the villa, we would decline to reveal the name and not do a review of the accommodation. It is safe to say that we would most likely never ever return to the same villa again.

It's time to say goodbye to Bali. If it wasn't for the robbery, this trip would be nice and relaxing. Nevertheless we should not fault the place for it is a charming destination. We hope for families travelling to Bali to be safe and to enjoy Bali for what it is. A welcoming laid back destination for the urbanites to unwind and chill.

Till then, Selamat Tinggal Bali.

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