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POLW Sentosa

Battle at POLW
Looking for an activity for the September school holidays? How about giving POLW a spin?

We took the opportunity to revisit Port of Lost Wonder (POLW) in Sentosa during the Hari Raya Long weekend.Our last visit was about 4 months ago when it first opened.

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Signs to POLW
Since we had done a review of the place before, we would not do another. Rather we will update you on the changes you would see at POLW.
This time Daddy was smarter as he had parked at Beach Carpark. We only need to walk 50 m compared to the 1 km we walked the last time when he parked at Palawan Beach Carpark.

Being a public holiday, we anticipated that there will be a crowd there. We were here at about 12pm and the place was almost full (from what we can see). In fact we learnt that tickets were sold out at 159pm. You can see the update on their facebook at POLW Sentosa . Another new feature of POLW is that you can pre book tickets online to prevent disappointment. Tickets can be pre book here

POLW had also scrapped the Curios system to participate in activities. Now everyone can participate for unlimited times. Do note that there is a limit of participafor most activities for the day. There are no limits for the Water Playground.

Ready for battle at POLW
We are all ready with guns a blazing for wet wet fun!

Port of Lost Wonder
The place was swamped with kids and parents. Given that it has been more than 5 months since its opening, the place is still very popular with kids.

Fireman at POLW
Fun @ POLW
We enjoyed our time at POLW. This time round we played more at the toodlers area next to the big ship as it was rather crowded at the big ship. Do note that POLW is quite strict on attire and only people (both kids and adults) with swimwear are allowed at the Big Ship area.

Play@ POLW
To summarise, the following changes we noticed compared to 4 months ago are as follow

  • No more Curios to exchange for activities
  • Swimwear is complusory at the Big Ship area
  • Online Booking is possible
Peek a BOO!
The changes are not limited to activities. The following is the same steering wheel we took 4 months ago. As you can see , it has been damaged. Hopefully POLW can maintain the facilities, otherwise such minor damages can accumulate and the place may be run down in time to come...Hopefully it would not suffer the same fate as the past Sentosa attractions.

The Little Details
Palawan Beach (Near Beach Carpark)
Open Daily from 10 am to 6pm

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