Prelude to Bali

Preparing for the flight
It's holiday time!
Bali was our destination during the September holiday. The whole idea was to relax with our extended family in our own villa. We intend to do some sightseeing in Bali, visiting its major tourist attractions and their kid's friendly theme park, the Bali Safari and Marine Park

Preflight lunch at Pappa Mia
We had a preflight lunch at Pappa Mia at Terminal One. The restaurant serves local food and the price is reasonable for an airport location.

We will be travelling with Grandpa as well as Uncle Francis, Auntie Judy and Xiaver. This is a family trip to Bali.

Kids at the airport
We were all expecting a great time in Bali. Unfortunately not all things turn out the way we wanted. We had a burglary in Bali. Thankfully non of us were hurt during the incident.

Read about Daddy's thoughts on this at Be safe not Sorry

Charles at the airport
Still a holiday deserve a review regardless the situation. We will be doing this holiday wrap up in 3 parts. First off is Bali for kids (Part 1 and 2) where we will review the attractions and suggested itinerary. This will be followed by a review of Bali Safari and Marine Park; a park that caters specifically to families visiting Bali.

Our KLM flight to Bali
We took the KLM (Royal Dutch Airline) flight at 435 pm to Bali. This is a short 2.5hours flight. The KLM flight has quite a comfortable seating arrangement. The seats are a little more spacious compared with SQ. There is in flight entertainment and meals on board. Price wise, it is cheaper than SQ and comparable to Air Asia ( which has no meal) . It's our first KLM flight and we were quite pleased we chose this flight. As for all the scary stories about screaming kids on flights, we were quite well behaved throughout the flight. Luckily our parents need not whip out all the tools they had prepared in case of a meltdown on flight.

See you in Bali!
Stay tune, our journey in Bali will be coming right up!

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