Abrakadoodle : A new term

We blogged about attending Abrakadoodle back in August.

We attended a term of the school and we decided to renew for another term.

I love the arts and craft sessions and looked forward to it every Saturday. I managed to get over my fear of classes ( no more screaming and running to the main door to escape!). I even asked Daddy to bring me to class on weekdays. I had learnt to sing the goodbye song and it became part of my repertoire during car rides where I would 'sing' goodbye to everything on the street. As for Kor Kor, he enjoyed using his creativity in his class as well.

The different arts activities every week keep us engage. We love to compare our artworks with each other at the end of the class. Although we are at different class, I get to see Kor Kor do his show and tell as my class ends slightly earlier. There are a few other siblings during our timeslots as I can see Some of my classmates joining me in the bigger kids' show and tell.

As for our parents , they love the show and tell session at the end of the class. They feel proud every time their precious( a.k.a us ) present in front of the class (we are still shy lads, but we are trying our best)

The Art Wall
We are most proud of our 'new' wall in our play / study room. It used to be a wallpaper but Daddy did not quite like the wallpaper and he decided to place our masterpieces on the wall instead.

Abrakadoodble Art Gallery

The new wall looks like a professional art gallery now. We love admiring our work and look forward to adding to the wall at the end of this new term!

The Little Details

Big Splash
902 East Coast Parkway
Blk B #02-05B
Singapore 449874

Tel : 62477288

There are new workshops from Oct- Dec for those who might be interested in exploring Abrakadoodle.

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