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My Children's Day Present - LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary
I have a surprise present on Children's Day. I had 'complained' to my parents that Teachers get presents on Teacher's Day but not the children. I was hoping that Daddy would fall into my bait and get me a toy for the occasion. He did not get me a toy specifically but he got me a book that I would most definitely enjoy- LEGO Batman Visual Dictionary.

Needless to say, he fell for the bait.

My Batman minifigures.
I am a mini LEGO fan and collector. It is good that Daddy enjoys this 'hobby' as well. It started off with Pirates of the Caribbean, then Star Wars, followed by Harry Potter and my current craze, Batman and Avengers. I have the whole set of theminifigures from the new Batman series.

In case you are wondering, Daddy did not buy me the whole set ( LEGO is expensive in Singapore) Instead, some sets were bought by Mommy from her US trip (it cost 1/3 of the price in US) and the the rest of the minifigures sourced from Bricklink. Daddy thinks I role play more with the minifigures than with the rest of the sets ( planes, buidling , etc), thus it make sense to get the figures only.

Lego Batman Visual Dictionary
The LEGO Batman visual dictionary is a book base on the the minifigures and sets base on Batman and DC universe released by LEGO. It's a great book for both collectors and kids who wants to know more about the minifigures they owned ( so they can ask Daddy to buy more of it!) . The contents are filled with little known facts about the sets and minifigures. There are also LEGO comic illustrations in the book.

It will appeal to kids as it is filled with photos and pictures of LEGO Batman sets ( after all it is a visual dictionary) It will also appeal to AFOL ( adult fan of LEGO) too as I caught my Daddy taking a sneak read once in a while. I can tell that Daddy is an AFOL, since he always gets me what I want if it is LEGO related ( and without much protest from him )

It also comes with a special edition of Electro Suit Batman that only comes with the book. This technically means I got a toy as well!

The Funhouse
This is a page from the book which shows The Funhouse. Since I had the set, I can totally relate to the content. It helps too that I am practising reading and Daddy hopes I can use this book to cultivate my reading skills ( Daddy : This is what govt advocates, learning through play for preschoolers)

The book also covers some DC Universe characters such as Superman and Wonder Woman. Maybe one day there will be a Superman/ Batman movie.

Actually I prefer the villains more than the heros. They are a more colourful bunch and for some reason or another, they always seem so powerful at the movies. However this worries my Daddy and he is monitoring my 'dark' side.

The only ' minus' point for the book is that it comes in a A3 Size package. Compared to my LEGO Star Wars Character book, this book is huge!

I love the book as it gives me ideas on my role playing . Currently the role play I am doing it based on the movies I had seen. Daddy thinks playing with LEGO is good for me as it pry me away from iPads and Xbox and allows me to be creative in the process.

Thanks Daddy for the gift!

PS : Daddy ordered this book from the Book Depository at SGD 19.72 with free delivery during the pre launch. It takes about 1 -2 weeks to deliver. The current price is at SGD 27 and it is almost 40 % off compared to a local book store ( Retails SGD 44.95), so do consider this alternative if you want to get this book!

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