U Picnic @ Marina Barrage

The Crowd @ Marina Barrage
 It's U picnic time!
No controversial Food, no 'atas' attitude, all kids welcome.

We were invited to U family - U Picnic held at Marina Barrage on 6th October. The event was a sell-out! We were there early at 430 pm, but the main carpark at Marina Barrage was already full. Luckily we managed to find Carpark B across the street ( If you are heading to any events in Marina Barrage, do note carpark B entrance is located at the turn before Gardens by the Bay)
We found this Chipmunk along the way, there are a couple of mascots roaming the streets. We could not identify them but we like taking photos with them. Maybe U Family can have a permanent mascot for kids to identify with in the future.

There was a huge crowd at Marina Barrage, it was reported in Sunday Times to have 5000 participants in the event! Thankfully, there are lots of space on the picnic ground for everyone.

As we were part of the media invite (Thanks MNC and U Family), we managed to skip the queues and head straight to the picnic ground. However, we must say the registration and collection well organised as the participants were moved briskly to their picnic basket collection.
We are going to the picnic
I had to help Daddy carry the picnic basket. His hands are already full with a haversack of picnic goodies, his camera bag and a kite from U family.
Picnic Mats
We took the slope up to the picnic ground. Along the way, we saw some nicely decorated picnic mats. There were competitions for most creative picnic mats, best-dressed family, family challenge amongst others.
Unfortunately, we did not participate in any of the above. Our picnic set up is a humble picnic basket from U Family together with some homemade sandwiches and popiah. We did make a feeble attempt at best-dressed family by dressing up in a all-white theme, but it may be challenging for the organisers to pick us as there are more worthy participants.

Our Picnic Basket
After we found a spot, I took to the skies with a kite flying session with Daddy

My first kite flying effort
It was my first time kite flying. We did managed to get the kite flying for a minute or so, but the picnic grounds were too crowed to fly a kite safely. After 20 minutes we decided to call our kite flying session a day. Perhaps future picnic organisers can arrange a space for kit flying during a picnic.

Thanks U Family for the kite, we will be making use of it often!

Kite Flying
There were quite a few events lined up for us from 5 pm to 9pm

The quality of the shows were much better compared to Baby Day's out. We love the music extravaganza where we just sit and chill. Very relaxing , very zen.

Activities @ U Picnic
Nevertheless it was a decent showing from U Family as we did see alot of smiling faces around us.
There were also fringe events such as bouncing castle and windmill making on the first level. We did not participate as the queues seemed quite long.

Fringe activities
I did sneak into the Marina Barrage Gallery on my way to the loo.

Marina Barrage Gallery
We took some family photos at the picnic. It was quite relaxing to just sit on the open field and soak in the atmosphere for about 4 hours or so.

We even had a guest dropping in on our picnic, she is lil Pumpkin from Sakura Haraku . There were other U Family Champion bloggers there but due to the crowd, we had missed most of them. We did however bump into The Cheekie Monkies on the way home at the carpark. ( which incidentally was pitch dark when we left as the street lights were not working)

Lil Pumpkin
Ok, i lied, we can't sit still for 4 hours. Midway through ,we had to stretch our legs and have some bubble fun!
Bubble Time
There was a record-breaking event held during the U Picnic. we participated in the ' Most Number of People Freeze Pose together' there was an official record of 2266 persons. Great idea for mass crowd participation.

As you can see from the photos, we were not exactly freezing but we qualified at the end of the 1-minute pose.

U Picnic freeze pose record

Overall, it was an enjoyable and relaxing experience for us. We loved the picnic idea and look forward to future U picnics.

We were invited to U Picnic for a media review. No monetary rewards received. All opinions are of our own.


Ai Sakura said...

great to have met you at the picnic again :) see you at Mega Dance!

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

TWD said...

Time to practise dance moves with the kids, see you there!