Canopy@Changi Airport Terminal 1

All ready for a mini adventure @ Canopy
There is a new indoor playground in town!
We read about this new playground from Our Little Smarties and we decided to explore it!

Changi Airport
Initially, we had plan to go to the Night Safari on a Saturday evening. However instead of seeing animals, the sky began to pour and we saw cats and dogs raining from the sky. Looking at our disappointed faces, Daddy decided on an alternative plan and we head off to Changi Airport Terminal 1 for a new discovery.

Canopy at Terminal 1
We found this little forest ,'Canopy', located on the 3rd floor of Terminal 1 near the viewing gallery. This is billed as the first forest themed indoor playground at the airport. Recommended for age 18 months to 12 years, this playground comes with slides and trampoline for us to indulge our animal instinct in.

Let the fun began!

Without a need for warm up, we headed straight to play ( we are only given we have only 30 minutes of playtime)

Crawl though obstacles
The structure is quite similar to the temporary playground from Terminal 3. The core of action is at the 2 slides and a trampoline located in the playground. Do not expect a full fledged playground with bells and whistles. Nevertheless the compact size allows us to zip through the obstacles at blazing speed ( as a result pictures taken with us in it are blurred most of the time)

Race through the forest
It may be only 30 minutes, but we have taken the slides for at least 10 times ( that is 3 minutes per slide or 10 times round the obstacle course) To say we maximise our time in the mini playground is indeed an understatement.

Canopy is located at Terminal 1, 3rd floor , Changi Aiport
Our 30 minutes is up at the blink of an eye. There is a 'proacher' in the jungle that 'catches' the little monkeys kids when their time ran out and expel them to civilisation once the time is up.

Obstacles @ Canopy
For a limited period, enjoy a free half hour play with $30 minimum spend (For Changi members) or $50 minimum spend (for non Members). If you spend $60 (For Changi member), you get to enjoy one-hour session play.

Canopy Playground
Although the playground is recommended for 18 months and up, we do think you should be 3 years old or at least run steadily to enjoy the facilities without supervision. Otherwise you need an adult to be with you at all times. There can be quite a few bigger monkeys kids in the forest that could turn wild and smaller monkeys kids may be terrorised by the speed and velocity of them.

We had such a fun ( but short) time at the Canopy that we decided to break into a dance. Given the current craze - Oppan Gangnam Style , we decided to parody one of its infamous scene.

Can you guess which scene?

The Little Details

Operating hours : 1030am to 1030 pm daily
Location : Level 3 Terminal 1 ( Public Area)
Rates ; $6 per half hour
Age limit : 18 months to 12 years old
Height Limit : 1.45m
Socks required at all times inside the playground

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