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Blafre Tin Lunch Boxes
Look what is in the mail today?
A pair of Blafre Tin Lunch Boxes from Tinydipity.com

Blafre Tin Lunch Box Giraffe

About Tinydipity
Tinydipity.com is an online Store base in Singapore. Born from a mother's(Laurel) search for safe planet-happy products for her son. The vision is to be a store discovering the purest eco friendly products for babies and kids. With the limited environmentally-friendly products found in local stores, Laurel aims to bring eco-cool finds to Tinydipity.com for Parents who care for their children and the earth.

Tinydipity was born out of the sheer desire to help modern savvy parents and to give all children safer options that focus on design, style and quality.

Introducing organic, eco-cool wares from Scandinavia, Europe and USA that junior would adore. The best part? Our delectable finds do not use or emit harmful chemicals after their production process, making them the safest toxin-free buys for your kiddos.
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Why Tinydipity is truly unique:
Inspired by the word ?serendipity? ? a new discovery, a truly unexpected find. Just like how each day is a brand new discovery with your baby, we hope that when you buy a green product from Tinydipity, that happy energy will carry over to you and your little one and continues to play a positive part in his/her journey of discovery.
(source : tinydipity.com)
Blafre Tin Lunch Box Circus Train
The tin lunch boxes we received are from the Blafre range found in Tinydipity.co.
Hailing from Norway, Blafre creates a range of colourful  retro-style accessories. From flowers to fish, robots to red elephants, Blafre’s designs and prints are bold, bright and beautiful. A fun, family-owned brand, Blafre was established in 2005 by Remi and Ingrid Fagervik and inspired by their little girl Nora.

The Tin boxes we reviewed are the Giraffe and the Box Circus Train design.

Our first Blafre Tin Lunch Box
Our first look
Although we received the tin boxes in the evening, it was not till the next morning that Daddy choose to surprise us with them. We were both happy to get our own lunch boxes. I chose the Giraffe as green is my favourite colour (for now) and Didi absolutely adore the train design on his. The colourful designs appealed to our visual senses. The well constructed box means little kids like us have no problem carrying it around.
Metal Handle and Metal Clasp
The Tin lunch boxes are made of aluminum. They feature a white plastic and metal handle and a metal clasp closure. The tin boxes are  CE marked (complies with the essential requirements of the relevant European health, safety and environmental protection legislation) and have been approved for carrying food stuff.
Approved for carrying food!

Uses for Blafre Tin Boxes
There are many functional uses you can utilised for the tin boxes.
Uses for Blafre Tin Boxes
  • A lunch / picnic box for those family picnics
  • A treasure box for storing toys and treasures
  • A mini suitcase to store the essential toddler's distraction tools for day trips or trips on the planes
  • An artist box for storing arts supplies
  • A decor box to suit a children room decor
With a dimension of 19.5cm X 15.5cm x 7.5cm, the uses for the tin boxes are limitless and subject to your creative imagination.

We decided we should have a mini picnic at home arm with an Apple and a packet of Kit Kat.

Mini Picnic time!
Many designs are available form Tinydipity.com. Each retails for $39.90
More designs from tinydipity.com.
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Special thanks to Tinydipity.com for providing the Blafre tin boxes for review and the exclusive offer for our readers!

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The Wacky Duo were provided a pair of Blafre tin boxes for use and review. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are of our own.

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