Abrakadoodle : Our Last Class

One last time!
Our last class at Abrakadoodble East Coast was last weekend.

We started the class half a year ago as an exposure to Arts. As I am quite wary of class setting, this class also helped to expose me to a 'school' environment and to prep me for pre nursery this year. I had managed to go from a screaming kid to one who actually look forward to art classes over the weekend.

We love the classes so much that we decided to enrol for another term last year. With regular school classes starting this year, we decided to stop Abrakadoodle. It was a matter of time management as Kor Kor has to attended enrichment classes over the weekend. Since his weekend schedule is rather heavy, our parents decided to stop this class to give him some breathing space.

Kor Kor at Abrakadoodle
The classes focus mainly on craft rather than art. Nevertheless we do look forward to classes week in and week out. However kor kor is getting old for this class. It is time we explore other options avaliable.

Charles class
The part of the class that our parents would miss most is the show and tell. It is the only chance they have to hear us 'present' in front of an audience. As for us , we would miss the goodbye song from Abrakadoodle.

Goodbye song
The artwork we did has since become the feature wall of our bedroom. We would likely explore options such as holiday classes in Abrakadoodle or other art studio to continue our art experiences.

Our ART from Abrakadoodle
Goodbye Artist, Goodbye Spat , we will see you again next time!


Ai Sakura said...

aww must be so sad for the boys! my girl loves her weekly art classes too..

Ai @ Sakura Haruka

TWD said...

They love theirs too, just a little bit tough for the older one as he has to attend another class thereafter. We would most probably look for new alternatives to expose them to in the coming weeks!