First Day in School

Getting ready for school
Jan 2nd.
It's my first day in school... pre nursery to be exact.
Woke up early at 645 am to get ready for school. I was all smiles when I put on the uniform. However I thought I was going to the zoo instead of school. (Must have heard wrongly the night before) The school uniform is similar to the one elder brother wears. It did not click in me that I was going to school as I thought it was another day out for the family.

Big Brother goes to the same school as me. He is in K2 now. As for me I am in the pre-nursery class. Compared our education path, it deviates a little. Big Brother was in full day child care since he was 2 years old before he was transferred to the current school. He did not enjoy his childcare days at all as it meant he has to be in school for the whole day. On that thought, my parents decide to save me the torment and enrol in pre-nursery class instead. Each class last for about 3 hours. Given how positive big brother has progress in the school, it is only natural that I was enrolled into it as well.
Taking the school bus
We started off as how we normally do, our parents would send us to Grandma house before the schoolbus picks us up. As we wanted to mimic the scenario as realistic as possible, we did the same for my first day. Big Brother does not start school till the week after , nevertheless, he does his brotherly duties well by accompanying me to school to ease me into the environment.
Big Brother in Charge

Unfortunately my parents greatest fear came. I had a meltdown in school.
Guess who won the loudest and longest wail on the first day of school?

Daddy and Mummy were mentally prepared for this. Big brother has his own meltdowns when he was first attended school. Somehow they felt the same would apply to me. Given that I had minimum enrichment classes exposure, I was totally in awed of the whole situation.

I never did do well in a class environment. Prior to this I had stopped Growing up Gifted classes as a result of my refusal to stay in class. Compared to my brother, Daddy feel I will be the tougher one... the tougher one to handle when it comes to going school.

Luckily for me, Daddy had done his Basic Childcare Training with Big Brother during his crying days. He did not give me and constantly try to bring me to engage in the activities. Mommy took over for the latter part, and she did one thing better than Daddy. She made me stop crying.

Daddy, sorry to burst your bubble, but Mommy better lah!
Don't Cry
I am going to have my school orientation for the first 3 days. Thereafter the school would officially start. I was already a handful during the 1.5 hours on my first day. It would be hard to imagine how I could take a 3 hour session on my own. I have not been alone all these 2 years plus. Going to school would be my first time alone. That is a real challenge for me.

In any case, my parents are praying that I would adjust to school life. Whatever the outcome, they have faith in me as they did with Big Brother. Looking forward to a tearless school day!
School Programme


  1. Well done! It takes a lion heart to let go off your kids like that! This is our second year of school and I still get so anxious !

  2. I remembered my son's first day of school (full-day childcare), last year, when he was 2YO. Many children were crying, but he didn't shed a tear. In fact, he didn't even turn back to look at us and ran straight into the school. When the day finally ended, the school bus dropped him off at the lobby of our place, suddenly he was wailing big fat tears. I picked him up and he sobbed even louder, "No go home! NO!"

    1. My eldest boy cried for a year every morning when we send him to full day child care. We decided it was enough and send him to the shorter session in his current school. It has been 2 years now and he loves his time in school. Kids really amaze us most of the time :)

  3. @AarCee haha , not a lion heart, heartbroken to see the little one cry this morning when he got up the bus with his brother. :p

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