School Phobia

View from Daddy M
School phobia

It has been almost a month since Little Lou had started school.

As expected , going to school was not an easy task for the little boy. Since birth, he has not been separated from someone he is not familiar with till the start of school this year. It was a big step for him to be in a class of 10 unfamiliar faces and not be the centre of attention. ( I guess the situation should apply to the 9 other kids)

He did not take this change very well. He had shown since the initial orientation that he is going to be a tough cookie. During the first 2 weeks, he was still oblivious to the school uniform and did not resist when it was put on. Now familiarity breeds contempt ; the only way to make him wear it is when he is still in slumberland.

Recently to say things got a little worse is an understatement . He started to have nightmares in the middle of the night. Not the "one time wake up - sayang - and got to sleep" kind, but the one that haunts you throughout the night. When he was a tiny baby he was screaming his lungs out for milk every 3 to 4 hours... this time round it is every 30 minutes!

It pains even the most stonewalled heart.
His dreams are consistent.
They are as follows
  • "I dont' want to go school "shouting match
  • "I don't want to change" struggle
  • "I want to go out of the room" sleepwalking
  • All these followed with inconsolable sobbing.

The interrupted sleep drains even the most steadfast parent. Almost every other day, I would need 3 coffees to keep awake along with a 15 to 30 mins zone out session at work.
In this epic struggle, the little boy succumbed to the lack of sleep and had a fever. For better of worse, it allowed him to have a few days break from school. Hopefully he would not use this as an excuse for not going school when he is better.

We hate to see the little boy struggle and looking all dejected. It breaks our heart that when he pleads his cause. We can only pray that in time he would adjust. The last time round, his elder brother took a year and a change of school to get 'normal'. This time round, we are prepared to stand our grounds and defend the madness. It could be a year or even two or more, but we will not cave.

Hopefully one day you would turn around with a big smile and tell Mommy and Daddy
"I want to go school, I miss school."
Words we will patiently wait for you to recite.
Till that day comes, the battle continues...


  1. hi ^^ i experienced it too last year when my girl age 1.5y, and finally i stop her school until her age about 2y, and moved to another school, and she hated this school coz the teacher is very stern,all learn and lack of playing and do some punishment like 'you cannot go home if you cannot write this' and i moved her school again, luckily it works now, she's happy to go to school..
    i think you should peep in Louis class and see how the teacher act,coz some teacher act different in front of the parents, or move to another school which has more caring teacher, coz i experienced it before that teacher must first make herself as a person who the children can rely on when their parents not around (bonding), you will know this kind of teacher by see what they do with crying children
    I hope Louis will be fine n settle soon ^^ i know how it feels, or may be you can give him a break for a while.. i worry that he will be traumatic of school as he grow up

  2. Thanks mommyallison for your suggestions. The current situation is that Louis would make a scene while on boarding the school bus in the morning. He is a different person with all smiles on his way back. His brother ( who is in the same school) reported that the little one is crying lesser and on most occasion will stop once he is in school. We hope he will be better in time to come especially with his dreams and going to school part. For now we can only pray and observe him . Will sneak into school to check him as well. :)