Silver Cross Fizz Vogue( Humbug) Review and Giveaway

Silver Cross Fizz Humbug
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View from Daddy M

Do we need a stroller?
Let's see Charles weighs about 21 Kg and Louis weighs 14 kg.
Should either one falls asleep, I can still manage to carry them for some distance. However should both fall asleep, the mobility will be restricted severely.

We received the Silver Cross Fizz Vogue or more popularly known as Fizz Humbug  for review and use by Global Outsource Solutions

Silver Cross
Silver cross began design carriages for babies since 1877. Since then it had ferried over 10 million babies to date. Naturally as technology progress the baby carriages have evolved to strollers.

Prior to this review, we are not aware that Silver Cross is such a  historical brand in our hands. The model we have is the Fizz Hambug and it comes in a stylistic black and white upholstery.

Silver Cross Fizz Humbug
Fizz  Humbug
The Fizz Humbug  is the lightest stroller made for Silver cross, making it an ideal everyday and holiday stroller.

The Silver cross has a snooze recline that allows a comfortable sleeping position, In addition, it has airy mesh sides that keeps a child cool in a hot climate. Perfect for Singapore weather. In addition it comes with a hood that has an extra pop-out visor that protects against blazing sun. It comes in a reversible padded seat liner, but honesty we think the black and white version rocks!

Silver Cross in action
We took the Fizz Humbug out for a spin at Bay East Garden. Even if this stroller is not meant for speed strolling, we must say it perform adequately. However do note the wheels are not actually meant for speed.

We love the lightweight feature and the size when folded .  It is a perfect fit into the car boot without taking up excessively space. The quickfold option was also similar to the Mclaren model we had. The Fizz Hambug had since taken over it's role as the primary stroller as it is lighter and portable compared to the Mclaren.  In addition, it comes with a strap that allows it to be carried when folded. It is a great option to have especially when you are in a crowded area.

As a travel stroller, we do not place it on high recommendation as we feel that the lighter umbrella strollers are a better option. However in terms of sturdiness, they would outlast the umbrella strollers in most occasion.

We could not compared this stroller to other brands other than the one we owned as we had not experienced the usage of other brands.
Stroll at the Park
Measuring 105cm W 29 cm and H 22cm when folded. The 5.3 kg Silver Cross comes with a carrying strap that make is easy to transport. In addition, it comes with a ventilated raincover that will be handy for rainy days. The Fizz can be use for babies 6 months and above. As of now, Charles can still fit into the stroller and he is going to be 6 this year!

The Silver Cross Fizz Vogue (Humbug )is available at  mothercare outlets in Singapore.
Perfect for everyday use.

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