You are a big boy now...

I got mail?
Letter to C
Dearest Son

I had a chance to spend more 'alone' time with you and your brother over the last one week as Mommy was overseas on a business trip. That meant Daddy would be the sole parent in charge for a week. Being the resident discipline master, I am sure both of you would miss the soft touch of mommy. In addition this would be the perfect time for me to spend one on one time with you and observe your behaviour simultaneously (sans the protection of mommy)

I had often think that both of you will constantly get into mini fights when you have the opportunity to do so. It does not help when I 'caught' you in situations where Louis would wail and you, the other brother taking a toy away from him. Many a times, being the older sibling, You would get the brunt of scolding lecturing from me on what a good brother should be. Louis being the younger one tends to get away with his tantrum for most times. (Which in some cases it is 'not fair' as you rightfully pointed out)

However the perception had changed over the past one week. You have shown the sceptical Daddy that you have grown and matured. You have exhibit characteristics of what a good brother should be.
Giving in to your younger brother
The fights are getting less frequent as you started to give in to your brother. It could be a toy, giving up your favourite tv program or the use of the IPad. You would still grumble and spurt out your classic ' Not fair' argument, but at least you gave in and let brother get away with his tantrums win.

That said, your younger brother only choose to emulate you. More frequent than not, he would want the same toy just so he can be like his brother. Normally this would escalate to mini battles, missiles and warheads included.

When you realized all your brother wants is to be like you , you became more forgiving since you had been elevated to 'Idol' status from Louis. Thus slowly but surely you let the little tyrant gets his way.

Sayang the brother when he is hurt or cries
Usually when both of you get into a fight , it will be a free for all. Now you try your utmost best not to seriously hurt your brother. You would 'sayang' Louis if you accidentally hit him too hard. I guess this is what we call tough love.

In addition, over the first week in school, You had tried your best to calm your brother down on the school bus. It was his first time in school and you did your best to soothe him. So far you had reported that it is working when the school bus departs from school to home. As for going to school, you are still working on it.

Keeping a secret for your little brother
This is the big one and this is what prompt me to write this post. I had found out that you had a scratch under your eyes, but you never disclose the reason behind it. It was only after a week when I heard from your grandma that Louis had scratch you in a fight. However you made grandma promise not to tell me because you does not want me to blame Louis.

Upon hearing that, a sense of pride came over me. This boy had grown up. You are 'protecting ' your brother even though he caused you some pain. Yes, it may be a lie that you are hiding, but it is a white lie and one that is made out of love. How can I possibly be angry with that?

Sometimes as a parent , I tend to protect the one who is smaller. Yet I admit it had clouded my impression of the firstborn. Now I know and seen with my own eyes his caring nature, I am more assured. I am glad I was wrong in my perception. You have indeed grown up and taken your role as an older brother to heart. You have learn to be more sensible; giving in, protecting and sharing with your brother. Shedding your single child status, you has grown to be a caring brother.

Sleeping on your own
On the same night as I prepared this post, You did the most amazing thing to date. You requested to sleep on your own in your room. Why is this amazing?

We had been sleeping in the same room since you were born. You have your own room but you did not venture to sleep in it before, not even for afternoon nap. Recently we upgraded your bed to an adult size double bed with a view to put both you and your brother there in the next coming months.

Without being prompted or coerced, you volunteered to sleep on your own (in the spiderman suit to give you courage). You did not even request your brother to join you even though it is a double bed. Coolly you told Mommy to sleep next to you on your new bed and to go back to her room when you fall asleep.

The more surprising thing is that you did it on the night Mommy is back (You had been sleeping on your little bed next to mommy all these while). Surprised because you had said you missed Mommy for a whole week. You and Mommy are inseperable , so to be apart at your own request is a brave call from you.

Last night, you went one step further, you told Mommy you wanted to sleep on your own. Wow.

Another milestone hit.
I must admit son, your mommy and I miss your presence in our room that night. We took turns to sneak into yours to take a peek in the middle of the night. Guess we are not quite ready to let you go and be independent...yet.

Daddy confessed
I don't say it often to you as I should, but I am proud of you. You have grown up in my eyes. I had misunderstood you at times, and yet time after time you continue to prove me wrong and amaze me. You had shown me over time that you have a determind soul. Once your mind is set on a task, you will do your utmost to suceed, no matter how tough it may seem.You may be only 5, but you have shown have you have a matured side.

Keep it up son. You are a big boy now.
Big brother in charge

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