Excuse me, are you a model?

The Model
My First official modelling assignment

The invitation came via an email from Tfk.com( Truly Fabulous Kids), a new homegrown online fashion store to model for their range of clothes.

Would you like to model for our new range of clothes?

Daddy explained the offer to me and said that this is my first official paid modelling assignment if I choose to accept it. Without battling an eyelid, I ask if I would get a reward. Dad said yes and I agreed to the job.
Perhaps I had just completed my year end concert, or maybe I am in a good mood. or maybe I do know what I am doing... I took the assignment like a pro.

Makeup time - No struggle.
Phototaking time - Follow instructions to a T
Strike a Pose
There was a total of 6 sets of clothes to model. My parents were impressed by the lack of protest from me. This experience actually let them see another side of me. One that sings 'professional model'.

Nevertheless I still need to work on the smile. I tend to tense up when I am told to smile
Goofing around
Still it was a good experience for me. At least for that little while , it made me feel like a little celebrity with so many people fussing over me.
In the process, I get to meet some new friends. My parents love the group shots of us. It seemed we were most natural in posing if we do it in a group.

Group pose

As for the final pictures, since we took the photos a couple of weeks ago, there are no news yet. Maybe we would not see the outcome afterall.

Nevertheless , it was still quite an enjoyable session.
Checking out the photos
By the way Mommy and Daddy, where is the reward that we were talking about?


Emily said...

Well done, Charles.... You look like Nicholas Tze on the first picture... Haha! :)

TWD said...

Thanks Emily!