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Fish@Big Splash
It's Friday evening and the last friday of the school holiday. After a visit to SEA Aquarium in RWS, we were eager to go fishing for our own fishes.The last time we went on a fishing expedition was at Kid's Kampong at Pasir Ris.

Prices@ Kids kampong
We had spotted the opening of Fish @ Big Splash since our days at Abrakadoodle. It was always part of our plan to visit the place when it was open but we could not find the time to do so. With the school holidays, it is a perfect excuse for us to make our first visit to Fish @ Big Splash.

Fishing Rods
Fish @ Big Splash is place made especially for fishing. They are open for fishing all day! SOif you are game for 24 hours fishing, this is the place to be.
The facilities they have are as follows
Fish Spa

Fish Spa
15 min $10 , 30 min $15
Fish Spa *

Fish Feeding : $2
Fish Feeding
We took the opportunity to take some photos with our new LG Optimus G. With a 13 MP high resolution camera, it does provide some interesting results. Can you spot the photos taken with LG Optimus G?
Kois *
Prawn Fishing : 1 hr $18

Prawn Fishing
For prawn fishing, there are lobsters in the same pond. It is worth the price if you manage to catch one of it. We even saw some catchers grilling their catch on site for a meal!
Freshwater Lobster

Freshwater/ Saltwater Fishing : $5 per rod or $14 for a sure catch
Large Fishes
We were pleasantly surprised to learn that we could opt for a sure catch for seawater and freshwater fishes. It does make a trip worthwhile if you can at least catch a fish. In addition, the fishes are pretty large and might be a good addition in your pond if you have one.

Mini Playground*

There is also a mini playground suitable for toddlers which is free for use.

Longkang Fishing

Time for us to Fish! *
Despite the other facilities, we were quite sure what we would like to do and zoom in on Longkang fishing. The cost for Longkang Fishing is at $12 per hour. In addition , you need to purchase an additional tank cost $3 (reusable for the next visit) to house the fishes.
Rules of Longkang Fishing
Do note the rules of Longkang fishing. Only children below age of 12 are allowed to catch. In addition, you could enter the pond without shoes should you wish to catch the fishes.
Let's go fishing *
Initially it was quite challenging for us. After about 15 minutes, we only catch 2 fishes. The guppies in the pond are too experience and managed to dodge our every efforts.
Where are you fishes?

Moreover the net we had are much smaller than usual, making catching a tough career choice for us.
Tag Team

Luckily for us , the owners decided to add in new inexperience guppies. Within the next 15 minutes we got into the catching groove. See my effortless catch before ( did it for at least 20 plus times)

Didi in his eagerness to catch a guppy, accidentally 'jumped' into the pond. We were all shocked by his fall. Luckily the pond was rather shallow and this big fish is scooped out of the pond in double quick time.
Look who decided to swim with the guppies*

It marks the end of his short fisherman career and the task of catching of guppies was left to me.
Hi guppies
After about 36 guppies (there is a limit of 18 guppies per child and thereafter additional charges of $0.5 per fish) , we decided to call it a day.
Catch of the day

At the end of the session, I became the master fisherman. I could easily scoop out guppies by the minute. However one caveat, if the guppies are long time residents of the pond, most likely they will be staying there for quite a while.

We would love to try out the prawning and freshwater/ saltwater fishing facilities in the future. Perhaps the owners of Fish@ Big Splash can invite us there after reading this :)
The Little Details
Fish@ Bish Splash
902 East Coast Parkway
Block H #01-30
Singapore 449874

In case you are wondering , photos with * are taken with the new LG Optimus G. We were quite please with the result. For the camera buffs, the camera takes pictures in f/2.4 aperture, 3.92mm focal length,AF and LED Flash. As for the quality, I guess it is good enough to add to the post :)

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