Happy 6th Birthday Big C!

It seems like yesterday when you are a tiny 46cm tall baby in my arms. You had arrived 2 weeks earlier than your due date. You were so fragile and I would cradle you in my arms to protect you. Our lives change the first day you step into the world. For one I became a Daddy.

Through the last 6 years, we experience ups and down, laughter and tears, good experiences and great ones too. Being the firstborn, you were well sheltered and pampered. Along the way, you have also became a big brother. A responsibility that you have slowly embrace. Regardless, we would not change a single thing. We are thankful of how you have grown and mature.

At times you may be stubborn and strong will, but we know deep down, you are respectful and loving. We love to see how you will evolve in the coming years.

They said a picture paints a thousand words. I hope you can see from this selection of photos how much you have grown.

We Love you!
Happy 6th Birthday!

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