We are 1

On 1st March 2012, thewackyduo.com was introduced into the blogosphere. Since that day, our lives had been transformed in more ways than one. We turn 1 this month. This post may be belated, but the significance of the anniversary is not lost on us.

On this day, a year after we were 'born', we look back and reminisced on this short yet fulfilling year for us. In a span of over 1 year, we had officially covered more than 50 events invites, product reviews and exclusive activities. It was indeed a whirlwind journey for us and we appreciate every invites, no matter how big or small.
On our anniversary, we would like to recap our top 6 moments of the year which will engrave in our memories for time to come

Singapore Blog Award- Best Family Blog finalist

This is probably the key event that started the ball rolling. We were only 2 months into the launch when we decide to give it a shot. Surprisingly we have been nominated for this prestigious award. It made us decide to 'work' harder as we are in the presence of established and well-written family blogs. This nomination is the key that had to unlock our world of adventure. With that, we are thankful to OMY for the opportunity to be featured. By the way, OMY Singapore Blog Award 2013 is coming up soon. We definitely will participate in this upcoming event. Do support us!

Marina Bay Singapore Countdown 2013 Official Blogger

The invitation to be a Marina Bay Singapore Countdown official blogger is one of the most prestigious events we covered. We get to witness behind the scene events as well as having a first-class view of the fireworks at the countdown. Certainly, this is one experience to savour. We also like to thank URA for inviting us to be part of Marina Bay AmBayssadors. We spend many weekends enjoying the events around the bay, from Chingay 2013 to Gardens by the Bay and even a POSB run around the bay.

Resort World Fans Day Out

This is probably the event that we were most pampered in. We had a blast in 3 different theme parks, starting from Universal Studios Singapore, to the SEA aquarium and the Adventure Cove. Not to mention, the hearty Breakfast with Elmo and gang. We love RWS events as they are always well plan and executed. Voyage De La Vie and Incanto shows and backstage tours are fine examples of an excellent day out. Thumbs up to one of the best-organized media team we have encountered for the year.

Global Outsourced solutions

Sometimes it is not the event or the product that is worthy of mention. One of our Angel Sponsor was Global Outsource Solutions(GOS). In our infancy stage, we received a generous wallop of products from GOS for review. We appreciate the generosity given to a young 'start-up ' like us. The bikes, milk on the rocks, Silvercross Humburg and Charlie Banana reviews were fantastic. Not to mention the generous giveaways provided by GOS for our readers.

Weekender features

The proudest moment a writer (*cough*ahem*cough) could have is to see his/her words immortalised in print... Real print as in the newspaper. We had the privilege of doing do not once, not twice but 5 times over the last year in the Weekender. Not exactly bona fide Straits Times standards but nevertheless a feather on our caps.
Features in weekender

Social commentary

However we are not all about events and activities, occasionally Daddy would do social commentaries from a parent perspective. Topics ranging from choosing a primary school, addressing fertility rates and naming the top PSLE student were addressed.There is one particular post that struck a chore amongst Singaporeans- " What 2030 mean to our children". In addressing social topics, we do hope to bring an added dimension to our family/parenting blog.

These are the numerous experiences that help us shape the blog to what it is today. We began as a diary to chronicle our lives, and we evolved into a family lifestyle journal.
We hope you enjoyed your stay here as much as we enjoy sharing our experiences. Looking forward to our next anniversary with much glee. Till then, rest assured we would not rest on our laurels as we continue to bring you the best of what Singapore and beyond can offer to families.

Happy One to us!


Diane Writes said...

Happy One to The Wacky Duo! Wishing you more years of happiness and opportunities.

PS Btw, I went to visit your country days ago. I started blogging about it. I have nothing but great stories and memories to cherish :) I will surely be back soon.

Edmund said...

Congrats on your 1st anniversary!

TWD said...

Glad you enjoy your stay in Sunny Sngapore. It's always a fresh perspective when visitors to our tiny island blog about us. Enjoyed your entries on Singapore. Thanks for the wishes!

TWD said...

Thanks Ed! Have a Blessed Easter!