Drummer boys @ Carnival of Drums

Carnival of Drums *
Drums and us are best friends. Since the introducing of Zingo, we regularly scout out for drum events in the calender to attend. After the performances we witness at Huayi Festival of Arts, we had high expectations when we heard that there will be a carnival of drums at Downtown East.

Downtown East
About Carnival of Drums
Carnival of Drums is Students Care Service's (SCS) annual flagship event to raise funds in support of children and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Carnival of Drums mascot
We are at the carnival of drums for dual prupose. To watch the drummers in action and to support a god cause. In case you are wondering, the SCS is a a 37-year old VWO whose focus is helping students facing emotional, educational, financial, learning & developmental challenges. They provide counselling, groupwork, guidance, reading assistance for students aged 6-18 years old
Taiko Drummers
We were greeted by the taiko drummers at the entrance. Initially we though that this was a paid event, but were pleasantly surprise that fringe performances are available to the public for this event.

Psy at the Carnival of Drums
Since we were invited to the event, we were given a booklet to complete in a mini treasure hunt around Downtown East. There were 8 stations to find and get the required stamps.

Drums *

The stations we need to find consist of Japanese, Indonesia, Korea , Children stations and more. Initially we thought that there will be things to explore and see around these stations and were envisioning that we could play with the drums from the different countries at these stations.


We were slightly disappointed that only selected stations have activities. They are mostly workshops and mini activities like making a clay drum.

Make your own Drums *

Nevertheless we trooped on to complete the booklet as Daddy always tell us to finish what we started.

Completed *

It's time for the cultural performances showcasing the different drums from the different parts of the world. Most of the performances were performed by locals.

To be honest, the performance is a little underwhelming compared to the past performances we witness from Zingo. The performers were enthusiastic, however, it may cater to the older age group in the audience

Carnival of Drums

Since this is an annual event, we do suggest that the fringe activities be improved. Overall with the exception of the performances, the rest of the activities were fragmented and we did get a little lost on what is happening. We do hope in future, to cater to more family participation, there will be more kid's friendly activities for the younger kids.

Regardless, our passion for drums remains strong. In the evening when we were back home, we took out our drum sets and did a performance. Our parents just hope the neighbours do not complain of the ruckus from us.

The Wacky Duo were invited to the Carnival of Drums. No monetary compensation was received and all words remain our own.

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