Mad Science birthday party - Dinosaurs!

Mad Science Party

Sponsored Event

It's Party time!
Mad Science Singapore sprung a surprise for me on my birthday in school. It was an hour long party that is kindly sponsored by the good people of Mad Science.
Not knowing what we expect, the whole class was transported to the first days of life ; back to the era of dinosaurs!


In the beginning

When Daddy was first approached by Mad Science to sponsor a party in school, Daddy was a little apprehensive as he was unsure if he could arrange the party. The school does allow birthday celebrations for a specific period of time, but this is an hour long programme involving external vendors. However upon discussions with Mad Science, the school gladly open its doors with the knowledge that the party will be an educational one with cool science experiments and demonstrations.
With all systems go , it's time to party!
Mad science experiment
The party is about 1 hour long. We started off with an introduction of the different types of dinosaurs, science demonstrations followed by 3 hands on experiments.
Radiation Jason

Dinosaurs ABC

As the theme of the party was Dinosaurs , we were bought back through time to get to know the different dinosaurs who stepped on this world before. Hosted by a very capable Mad Scientist, Radiation Jason, the party quickly gathers pace with the introduction of the different dinosaurs.
Say hi to the Dinosaurs
To be honest, Daddy can only identify one of the dinosaurs, T -Rex. However he was amazed when my classmates can identify all of the dinosaurs introduced!
The party was for a class of 30. Radiation Jason did a fantastic job keeping me and my class engaged and interested during the introduction. The class was participative as well as vocal. Daddy was pleasantly surprised that 1 mad scientist can capture the huge audience of kids.
Get up close and personal with dinosaurs
There are also 2 additional mad scientist crew to assist . They are there for the experiment portion of the party. Given a ratio of 10 : 1 , we felt that the party was well organised and the flow well pace and smooth.

Awe struck
Most importantly , the kids were having a blast and were no doubt intrigue by the Mad Scientist , Radiation Jason. Applause for getting and keeping the attention of 30 preschool kids within such a short time. Hats off to that.

Radiation Jason roars!

Dinosaur Experiment

After the introduction , we were shown a quick demonstration on how the dinosaurs become fossils. Being the birthday boy, I get the privilege of co-presenting this demonstration.

The experiment

Up next are the hands on experiments.

Paleontologists in training

Since the dinosaurs are already buried deep into the ground, we were trained to be Paleontologists to dig up the bones. We learn that digging up bones is a delicate affair as we would need to preserve each one in its original form.

Get ready to dig!
The bones are ready for the dig in individual boxes. There are about 3 to 4 Paleontologists to each box. We like the fact that everything is when prepared and there are minimum need to clean up after the party. The realistic setting also intrigues us in our search for the lost dinosaur bones.

Paleontologists @ work

Slime time!

Slime time

Next experiment is the making of slime which is a trademark of Mad Scientist party. We get to create our own slime and we were allowed to bring them home after the party!

Dino Tooth

Dino tooth
The best party of the party is saved for the last. We get to create our very own Dino tooth!
Dino tooth experiment
Getting all excited as we await for our turn in the creation of the Dino tooth.
Having fun!
Hands up all those who are having fun!

Dino tooth
A secret formula is placed into our cup of sand. We wonder what will be created from that..

Happy birthday boy
After a wait of about 20 minutes , our tooth are ready!

Our tooth creation

This would most probably be the best gift the kids can get . Each of us gets to keep our very own dinosaur tooth.

Our very own Dino tooth

Our Verdict

Thanks Mad Science
The party was a blast and a huge success. My class enjoyed themselves very much. This is a good break for us from the usual reading and spelling classes and definitely one that would be hard to beat!
What we like

  • Engaging Mad scientist
  • Audience participation
  • Educational as well as entertaining program
  • Hands on experiments
  • Unique goodies from the experiments
Our dinosaur goodies
The teachers were also impressed by the efficiency and the content of the party. We understand that they had asked for a quote for future programmes in school. That itself speaks volume of the quality of the party.

Dinosaurs Workshop

Mad science party is highly recommended by us. Other than the dinosaurs theme, they have other theme parties in their bags of tricks.The parties are

  • About 45 mins to 1 hour long
  • Perfect for kids ( age 5-12 ) depending on program
  • Great for groups of 10 , 30 or even 50!
  • Good for school parties or even home parties
  • Clean and efficient!
Party details can be found here.
Contact Details are as follows
Email :
Tel : 97605285
Address: 23 Colchester Grove
We love it!

Cake Cutting

Happy 6!

After the dinosaur party, it's time for cake cutting. Its safe to say the class enjoyed the party as much as I do!

Mega - Giveaway!

Every birthday parties should come with a goody bags for guests. We have not 1, not 10 but 50 sets of Undercover Observer to giveway for our readers.
( Prizes provided by Mad Science. Subject to change at the discretion of Mad Science)
The description of the set is as follows

The Mad Science® Undercover Observer is for the ultimate private eye. Children peek through the hidden angled mirror in the spy camera. Spend some high quality parent-child bonding time assembling this Mad Science kit with your child. The agents are now on assignment!

To get one of the set, please do the following
1) Like TheWackyDuo on Face Book
2) Like madsciencesingapore on Face Book
3) Sign up for Mad Science newsletter, on the top right hand corner on
4) Email directly to Mad Science at with a mailing address and your facebook name so they can verify and arrange for delivery of the gift. Please title the email "The Wacky Duo Mad Science giveaway " for reference.
Closing date is by 30 Apr 2013 or the first 50 response to Mad Science whichever is earlier.

Mad Science had offered to host the party. No monetary reward was given. All fun are well documentated by us.


thedeadcockroach said...

That's one awesome birthday party! Wish I had one like that too!

thedeadcockroach said...

Btw, the link to your FB links to Mad Science.

TWD said...

Thanks DC, have updated the links!

Edmund said...

We had a Mad Science party as well! :)

Looks like the kids had great fun!

TWD said...

It was a cool party indeed. Saw your post as well, looks like Nathan had loads of fun as well!

Unknown said...

Looks like it's not only an awesome party but such an educational one! :) Happy Birthday to Charles!

TWD said...

Thanks Dana! It was indeed an educational one. Even the teachers love it!

Cali said...

Awesome Lovely pictures :) Every picture saying awesome moment of party..