Our first Date : 11 years ago


Dearest Sons
On this date, 11 years ago, your mom and I went on our first date.We decided on coffee/tea in a place call Yellow Submarine located at Far East Square.The origin of our date was hazy. There were debates on whom had initiated the date. Regardless, what turned out to be an afternoon tea date became a supper meal at the end of the day.

It was on our first date that Daddy realised he had someone special in his presence. Daddy is not much of a talker, but on that day it was a 6 hours long marathon conversation date that continued for over the next 11 years. The conversation may be shorter today, but the feelings are as firm if not stronger.

Your mom is the one I had been looking for all these years. It's amazing how two individuals can connect. In reality, you mom and I are polar opposites in more ways than one. She likes tea and I adore coffee. She's the night owl and your dad the morning robin. We may have our differences but it is how we appreciate and accept the differences that binds us together.

They say opposite attracts and in magnetic terms are always link and never separate. That I hope would be applicable to us , today and forever.
Our gifts
We will save our love story for another day. For today we celebrate not only our love but the fruits of our love. That would be the both of you my sons. You have completed our life and make this day extra special for the both of us.

And to your mom, the love of my life, I am glad that you had given us this chance and had place your faith in me all these years. It has been a wonderful 11 years and I look forward to more to come.

I love you more than yesterday,
and I will love you less than tomorrow.
With each day the love grows and nurture
and my heart belongs to only you.
Happy anniversary Love
Love Daddy.