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Canon Pixma : Party Crafts for Kids

Canon Pixma Town
It's about 2 weeks since we attended the Canon Holiday Creativity workshop orgainised by Canon Singapore and OMY. 

 We had been itching to do some more Arts and Craft since then. After a whirlwind of activities for the June Holidays, we finally found some time to do our craftwork.


For Techie Thursday, we will focus on what you can do with a Canon Pixma printer and the special Canon websites for creative crafts for all ages.

Party Craft for Kids
Canon Pixma MG5470

Daddy hook up the Canon Pixma MG5470 within 30 minutes and we are good to go!

Since the printer supports wireless function, Daddy hops down to The Canon Pixma Town via his iPad to find us a project. After searching the countless ideas on the website, we decided to embark on some Party Crafts available at the Kid's Corner Section.
Canon Matte Photo Paper
Before we start our party crafts, we had to prepare our craft gear. We recommend the following for this Party Craft.
  • Canon Pixma MG 5470 ( We love this awesome printer! )
  • Canon Matte Photo Paper (A4 Size)
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Glue
  • Scotch Tape
  • Strings
  • Wooden Chopsticks
You can opt for ordinary paper, but the Canon Matter Photo Paper does gives impressive results. The thickness also makes the craftworks durable.

The selected craftworks are chosen from craft themes by GagaTree and Øistein’s Crafts. Given the fast printing speed of the Canon Pixma MG 5470, the craftworks are ready in a jiffy.

Print! Let the fun began!
Since this craftwork is meant for us to do, Daddy had chosen pieces that we could do for our age. There is more challenging craft such as pencil holder, photo frames and even storybooks available to explore at The Canon Pixma Town.
Party Crafts by kids for kids!

After an enjoyable hour, we finally completed our 3 selected Party Crafts. We simply love the colour reproduction of the artwork by the MG5470. The colours were vivid and close to what we saw on the iPad. We also love the fact that we made most of it ourselves with a little help from our parents.
Our Party Crafts are ready!
When we are done, it is time to 'model' our masterpiece.
Party Craft 1
Don't you think we look fabulous with these?

It would be a great idea for party for children. You could either pre-make them for the children or you could even have an Arts and Craft session with these during the party!
Party Craft 2
Father's Day Craft
In addition to Canon Pixma Town, there is also the Canon Creative Park for more craft options. There are numerous options to choose from such as papercraft, scrapbook, art calender, toys and 3D models. You would be amazed by the wealth of creative options available. If we ran out of craft ideas, we would know where to turn to next.

Since Father's day is around the corner, we decided to pick a craft from the Father's Day Special Collection as a surprise for Daddy.
Father's Day Craft Work
We decided on a Message Doll for Daddy. The doll's head is movable and resembles a Bobblehead. We love this doll as it resembles Daddy( with a rare big smile). Furthermore, the doll always nod it's head in agreement with what we say... much more than what Daddy would do!

By the way, the next craft session will be done by Daddy. Do book mark us and see what he has up his sleeves.
The craftwork was so fun that we look forward to doing more in time to come. It was also a great way to spend time with our parents and enjoy the process together. We spotted a whole stack of already printed craftwork lying around. Guess we will have more opportunities for Arts and Craft in the future!
Canon Pixma Town
For more Holiday Creativity ideas, do zip down to OMY Canon Pixma Holiday Creative website to see more creative ideas from the appointed Craft Gurus.

Canon MG 5470
The Canon MG5470 is available at most major electronic shops. The full listing can be found here
The retail price is at $229.

There is a current promotional price at $199 with Free 1 ink cartridge per month ( T & C applies). Promotion ends on 30th June 2013.


  1. How to attend the workshop ? Must be on mailing list ?

    1. The last one was open to public on a first come first serve basis. If I am not wrong, the workshop is held once every 6 months near or during school holidays. Information can be found at canon facebook page at

  2. Thanks for the tip !!!


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