Couple time: Dirty Dancing


It has been quite a while since I went on a date with the wifey. We had been going with the boys on a whirlwind of activities for the last couple of months. So much so, our 'couple time' had been limited.
2 weeks ago, we finally found the time to head down to Marina Bay Sands for some Dirty Dancing. Er... It's not exactly what you think. After all this IS a family blog.

The date was a simple dinner at Bay Shusi at MBS, followed by the show 'Dirty Dancing' at the Grand Theatre. Given that we had first met in a dance class, the show is an excellent way to rekindle memories of old.

The show itself was fantastic. We had been to musicals be this is one of the rare times we been to a theatre play. It's script is close to the 1997 movie and it is quite amazing to see it played out on stage. However that is just desserts, the main course is the company for the evening.
Needless to say, we had a good time together. It is time like these that we realised that we miss each other. No matter how long we have been together, or how much the children had taken over our lives, it is important that amidst our busy schedules, we would need to take time out to be with each other. It is moments like this that we would realise how such times are precious.
It was a 5 hours break from the boys, but a truely well deserved one.

Couple time are like pit stops. We need to constantly retune our engines of love, so we could have a smooth ride through the journey of life.
Have you taken your couple time lately?

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