PLAYful moments with Playmobil @ Sentosa

What's up Doc?
Media Invite

It's the first day of holiday and we are back at Sentosa!

This time we are here for the PLAYful moments with Playmobil. This is the second year that Playmobil has landed on Sentosa. Since we had such a great time last year, we eagerly agreed to be part of the event when Sentosa invited us back!
It's time to PLAY at Sentosa!
Playmobil at Imbiah Lookout
This year, the Playmobil invades Imbiah Lookout. It's a different setup from the year before with 2 new main headliners, Pizza Making and Story Telling Comes Alive!
To get to Imbiah lookout, simply step out from the Cable car entrance or take the flight of escalators from Imbiah Station.
Hey you look Familiar!
The lifesize Playmobil returns to Sentosa. Expect knights, police officers, cowboys , Indians and a whole lot of others to be there. If you have not been acquainted with Playmobil, this is a great time to get introduce to them.
Playmobil Cafe

Playmobil Pizza Making

Little Bakers
Our first stop is at the Little Bakers Corner located near the Playmobil Cafe. Our task for the day is to make a pizza.
All Ready?
We were seated at small tables from Ikea with our ingredients.
Put on your gear.
Before we start, we put on our aprons as well as baking hats. We absolutely love the baking Hats!

When we are all suited up, we are ready to do our first joint pizza making experience.
Synchronise Pizza Making
Our Pizza for the day is the Hawaiian Pizza . This is probably the Pizza most kids are familiar with.
We started with the tomato paste and added the usual toppings of ham, cheese and pineapples. The pizza is relatively easy to make and you could even diy them at home with ease.
Thumbs up!
Within 15 minutes, our masterpieces are completed!
Baking Time
It's off to bake the Pizza for the next 30 minutes
My turn
It's a neat experience for kids. At $10 per session, you get to enjoy the pizza making session and you get a Free Playmobil figure with every Kid's Pizza Making Session.
Yummy Pizza!
We think it is a great deal as you get to make your own pizza, get a toy and eat your own creation. No prize for guessing what is on the menu for lunch today.
Free Toy! Fre

Storytelling Comes Alive! with Playmobil

Storytelling comes alive!
While waiting for our pizza to be baked, we headed down to the big tent for Storytelling comes alive!
Storytelling comes Alive!
When we heard that there is a storytelling session, we were sceptical. After all we get to have story telling sessions in school, so how different can this be?However when the story started, we were mesmerised . Reading from a Giant Story Book, We hear the tale of Andy and the magic compass.
The story was interactive with audience participation. We love how the 'story' is played out on stage. We thought we were watching a performance instead of hearing a story.Nice!
The End!
There are a few other stories and performances on stage throughout the season.The schedules are as follows

11.30amNo performancesHansel and GretelThe Puppet Master MusicalKnights and PrincessesThe Puppet Master MusicalSentosa 4D AdventurelandThe Puppet Master Musical
3pmNo performancesKnights and Princesses
Sentosa 4D Adventureland
Hansel and GretelDance Musical by Tanglin Art Studio
5.30pmNo performancesHansel and GretelThe Puppet Master MusicalKnights and PrincessesThe Puppet Master MusicalSentosa 4D AdventurelandThe Puppet Master Musical

Playmobil Play Pit and Toy Shop

Playmobil Toy Shop
For those who wants to get the ultimate playmobil experience. Head down to the playmobil play pit. We think first hand experience with the toys will determine if playmobil is suitable.
We love the playmobil toys!

We like the houses as well as the vehicles. Compared a similar competitor, the toys are more sturdy. We heard Daddy still keeps his playmobil somewhere in Grandma's place, so we are going to make him find his stash for us the next time we are at grandma!

By the way Daddy, it may be a little too early, but can we tell you what we want for Christmas?
There are selected sets on sale as well., you may want to pick the starter sets to play. For Playmobil fans, the western set is exclusively pre launched at this event. So hurry down if you want to be the first to get your hands on these sets. (We are toys buffs, so we understand how this is important to collectors)
Exclusive Western Sets

Bidding for Charity

Calling all playmobil fans, do your part for charity!
On display is the Egypt – Mysterious Land of the Pharaohs! The Egyptian Diorama set that was released in 2009 and has since been discontinued. This highly sought after complete set is worth over $2,000 and will be up for bidding. All proceeds shall be donated to charity to aid children with autism.

Playmobil Western House

Western House
Another highlight of the event would be the 2.7 meters tall Western Playhouse. It is imported from Germany and it is the first time it makes it's apperance in Asia. With a playmobil house costing an average of $200, we guess a lifesize one like this would probably set us back by 1000 times more!If only this is coming back with us...
Take a peek inside
I even found my princess in the Western House!
My new girlfriend

Storytelling comes alive

There is also an acitivity corner by Little hadns and minds . Each activity is at $10 and you get to do either a creative storybook, button badges or kids apron.
The playmobil will be at Sentosa from 1-30 June from 11am to 7pm.Have a PLAYful holiday!

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