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 In a month's time, Singapore will celebrate her 48th year of Independence.

We may be a young nation , but we have established a unique culture that made us Singaporeans.
This culture is well represented in ciNE65 short film competition for film enthusiasts who told their Singapore story in 3 minutes. The theme selected for the second season of ciNE65 is "I'll Be There For You, Singapore". The sophomore year of this competition attracted a total of 166 entries over 3 categories , a big jump over the inaugural 72 entries.

Launch since 2011 by Nexus, ciNE65 invites the public to tell their Singapore story. Do visit their website to view the rest of the entries. I had viewed them and would vouch on the quality of the work done. The film-makers captured the theme effectively and the cinematography is top notch with a familiar thing of Singapore flavour. Be prepared to be touch in both hearts and minds. Be warn, there are films that may make you shed a tear or two... I did!
My personal favourite of the lot is entitled 'Priceless'

Filmed by Kenny Tan, it depicts a father's visit to the principle's office where a young boy was being reprimanded for a fight. It was only when they discovered what he is fighting for that they realised the young boy may be justified.

I was touched by this. Coming from both a Singaporean and a father's perspective. We are guilty of judging our children's actions without giving them a proper chance to explain. Sometimes, what we perceived may not necessary be the intent of the child. A child's innocent mind works differently and many times they are of good intent. As adults we should be slow to judge and fast to understand and not vice versa.

The second part did pluck my emotional vibe. It seemed that a child in his innocence knows what his country means to him. Yet many times we take our nationality for granted in our adulthood. It is apparent in the many complaints we made, the comparisons with other countries and even the way we defend our country. Sometimes, it is best to strip off all these notions and just remember Singapore for what she stands for... Our home, our motherland, our pride.

It may be 3 minutes long, but in a short moment, it engages the heart. A real masterpiece that was inspired by memories of youth by Kenny Tan.

This year winners are...
I had the opportunity to attend the award ceremony. It was heartening to see fellow Singaporeans participating in a project that would records our memories for the nation's current and future generations. During the awards, I can feel the camaraderie amongst the audience and the awards winners. There is a sense of togetherness admist this competition.

ciNE65 award ceremony
I will definitely keep my ears on the ground for future ciNE65 projects. These short films are windows that allows us access to the heartbeats of Singaporeans. To quote the Guest of Honour Senior Minster of State for Defence Mr Chan Chun Sing

“Many of the ciNE65 clips relate to mepersonally and deeply. They revolved around themes such as family, friends,care for fellow Singaporeans, commitment to Singapore’s defence and love forthis place called home. Some brought back long-forgotten memories for me, sometouched my heart and some made me laugh. The quality of films submitted was impressive. They reflected the deep thought and effort that participants putinto making their films. More importantly, they have engaged us at the level where it matters –the heart.

Without further ado, the winner's list is as follows
Winners of ciNE65 Award
  • Jury's Choice (Student) winners
Overall Best film (Student) - Going Away
"Overall Best Film" Award
-Going Away
-I’ll Be There for You
Best Editing
-The Red Knight
Best Screenplay
-Love Is Blind
Best Sound Design
Best Cinematography

  • Jury's choice (Open) winner
Overall Best Film (Open)-Priceless
"Overall Best Film" Award
Best Direction
-忘不了 Unforgettable

Best Editing
-Vanishing Trades
Best Screenplay
Best Sound Design
-忘不了 Unforgettable
Best Cinematography

  • Audience Choice
Audience Choice winners
Favourite Film:
Favourite Actor:
Daryl Yeo in Singapore, 还可以啦
Favourite Actress:
Choo Ai Keow in 忘不了 Unforgettable

  • Interschool Challenge

Temasek Polytechnic

  • Special Mention Awards

Amazing Grace ( Student)
Honey (Open)
Jam and Cheese(Open)
I will be there for you Singapore(Open)

I am delighted that my choice film 'Priceless' has bag the Best Screenplay and Best Overall. We had the pleasure of interviewing presenters, Irene Ang, Tan Keng Hua and Chua Eng lai of Fly Entertainment

Stars from Fly Entertainment
They agreed in unison that this year entries were of much higher standard and less raw compared to prior years. Each have their personal favourites such as actress Choo Ai Keow in Unforgettable. The one thing that struck me is that they had mentioned was that they are open to good scripts and would not hesitate to take one up if it is good, regardless of the director or cost. They agreed that ciNE65 is a good platform for young aspiring film makers to make their foray into the world of film. The trio is a wacky and amusing lot and are very supportive of ciNE65.

Overall it is a engaging experience. Attending the award ceremony is akin to attending a mini oscar award. With the spew of excellent entries, I await the next edition of ciNE65 in the coming years ahead!

Wacky Giveaway
ciNE65 has kindly provided 5 pairs of Golden Village movie tickets for our readers, so you can be winners too!
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Terms and conditions

  • Winners will be selected and confirm by ciNE65. Prizes will be collected at their office.
  • The above steps must be done else entries will be disqualified.
  • Contest will close on 23rd July
  • Winners will be announced on this blog on 31st July.
  • 1 winner per household address. Open to residents of Singapore. 

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