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 Primary One is looming across the horizon for Big C. With the upcoming barrage of schoolwork and the raise intensity of the level of education in Primary School, as a parent , I am constantly on the look out for avenues to prepare him for the big leap.

Discovery Edu Cove must have heard my inner voice and invited the boy to a lesson in Creative and Situational Writing. Located in Tampines Ave 4, we were greeted with a cozy environment upon entrance to the centre.
Cozy environment
About Discovery Edu Cove
Founded in 2011 by Patricia and Estee, the educational center specialises in Creative & Situational Writing, Complex Problem Solving and Chinese Creative Writing. They had classes with a small group of up to 6 in a class. The teachers are all MOE registered and they have different teachers for different levels.

The centre uses in-house materials. They adopt a VAK (Visual, Audio and Kinesthetic) learning style. It houses 2 classrooms and a study area.

The centre has been featured in publications such as Young Parents, Motherhood and The New Age Parents. Most recently they were featured in The New Paper for their June workshop on making bubble tea.
Wall of Testimonial
Focusing on MOE Syllabus, the trainers have been given numerous testimonials by parents and students in this short span of time since they were established. A wall of testimonials of affirmation and thanks adorn the waiting area. We were told that they have students as far as Serangoon attending their lessons!

Excellent Feedback
There is even a Hall of Fame located on the other side.

Hall of Fame
Some of the top students from various schools attended classes at Discovery Edu Cove. I had noted that there are students who did badly before had produced good grades since their time in the centre.

Results of Students
The Lesson

Creative & Situational Writing
Charles had been attending enrichment courses over the past year to prep him for Primary one. However the lessons we attended are base on the basics required for P1. This is his first time in a tuition centre and one that focuses on creative and situational writing.

Bright Class Room
Set in a cheery classroom, there were 5 students in class. There are actually 2 teachers in class for K1/K2. The small teacher/student ratio ensure that the students would have a comprehensive supervision during the 1 1/2 Hour lesson.

Lesson Time
I had the opportunity to sit in the class. The lesson for today is base on outing 'At the Zoo'. The lesson started with a mind map base on Who, What, When, Where and Why questions. From observation, the existing students were comfortable with Teacher Estee and answers were flowing from them. During the lesson, they were also given a picture and were told to write 10 sentences base on it.

It was interesting to sit in during the class as it allows me to understand how a class is conducted. There is a balance of getting students to engage and think structurally for their questions and personal supervision thereafter.

The most important would be the feedback from the students. Charles had actually attended a Chinese Class at another center earlier in the day. When asked if he enjoys the class, he gave an affirmative yes and show no sign of tiredness or complaints. That impress me given his 'hectic' schedule and would mean that the class is engaging for him.

Mind Map
If I were to sum up the lesson in 3 words, it will be Cozy, Personal and Educational. The classroom size and the number of students per class feel about right and you could feel that each student would be given their fair share of attention in this set up.

Compared to an enrichment class, where ratios can be as high as 10 is to 1. The setup is refreshingly personalised. From the short period there, I could sense that the students enjoyed their lessons as they were all smiles before and after classes.

Teacher Estee
There are a wide range of classes available. Other than their creative and situational writing, they have lessons on creative mandarin, maths, science and complex problem sums. For the full range of courses, you can find it on the Discovery Edu Cove website. As a student of Disovery Edu Cove, you are also entitled to a complimentary study goup.

The full schedules of the classes are available here.

Discovery Edu Cove is located at
801 Tampines Ave 4
#01-275 (2nd Floor)
Singapore 520081
Tel : 66500646
email :

Course Available
The was invited for complimentary lesson. This is an advertorial. All opinions are of our own.

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