Genius R Us Birthday Party

It's a birthday party!
Last month, we were invited to our cousin, T birthday party at Genius R Us located at Genius R us. We are no stranger to the place as we were invited last year to attend a baking class with them.

The baking team
We were divided into group of 3 for this party. We team up with our cousin K.

Baker boys
Today we are going to make our own cupcakes from scratch.

Crack the eggs
After half an hour of measuring, egg breaking, stirring , our cupcakes are ready to be bake.

Measure the flour
It's time to take a break

Take 5
The party package includes food cook by Genius R Us. We had chicken wings, pasta, nuggets and samosa. Food meant for kids!

Yummy food
After our snack, the cupcakes are ready of the finishing touch.

Watch me twirl
Check out our creations

My creations
The cupcakes are place on a display tray for a photo session. Don't they look pretty? All original creations by the invited guests and birthday girl.

Cupcake tray
We had a blast at the party. There is a perception that cupcake parties are meant for girls. We would like to dispel the notion as you could see we had tons of fun. Thanks to our cousin T for the invite.
For party ideas, Why not check out Genius R Us as an option.
Happy birthday T!

Happy Birthday T!

This is not a sponsored post lah, we just attended a wonderful party and thought we like to share this.
In case anyone likes to sponsor, my birthday is coming up in August, I am open to sponsors : )

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