My First WowART lesson

 WowART Learning Studio

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It has been a while since Louis had last attended an Arts Class. He had missed his Arts lessons and  seemed to be quite attracted to arts and craft. It is no surprise that one of his favourite TV program is Mister Maker

When an invitation came from WowART Learning Studio to attend a full semester of ARTPLAY , we readily accepted it. The boys are no stranger to WowArt having been to their trial class back last year. The fact that we were 'Wow' the first time round made this offer hard to resist.
Getting Started
For the first lesson, the class was introduced to making a pencil holder out of clay. There was an explanation of the materials used and pictures of patterns that we would be making for the day.
Lesson time
Set in a class setting of 4 ( it may vary according to time), the class was small enough for the teacher to engage with each individual students. The class was meant to be a drop -off session, which meant that parents are technically not allowed. However given that this is the first time Louis is attending the lesson, there was some exception made.

Nevertheless . I do hope Louis will at some point attend the class by himself as this will attest to his interest in the class itself.

The Lesson
Making Shapes
Using a Air Dry Clay, the kids were allowed to experiment with various shapes and patterns. I like the fact that although some parents are around, the teacher Jasmine had masterfully let each child engage on their own creations.

WowART apron
Aprons are provided and should be worn especially during the painting session.

Louis had initially resist to participate given the new surroundings. However he warmed up when the painting started. It was a refreshing change from other arts classes as WowART used a different medium for their classes. Instead of just paper painting, they incorporate painting, clay making and other mediums in their classes.

Given the different mediums used, it does resemble a mini 'Mister Maker' class. This is probably one of the reason why he insist on coming back next week.

Within an hour a masterpiece is made . It is even signed by Louis himself even when he does not know how to write. Like Teacher Jasmine said,"There is no right or wrong in arts for kids, just enjoy the process.". I am just proud that he created this 100% on his own.
A Clay Pencil holder
First Impression
What we like so far
  • Small Student - Teacher ratio
  • Different medium used for Art works
  • 100% made by the student

We will be attending lessons at WowARTS for the next 3 months. Follow Louis' journey as he evaluates his journey in WowARTS.
 My Arts home for the next 3 months!

We spotted this creation on the way out. We are quite impressed with the little dino creation. Hopefully it will be part of Louis creations to come in his ARTPLAY class.

For those interested in attending a class, here are the details
WowART Learning Studio
200 Upper Thomson Road
#01-10 Thomson Imperial Court
Singapore 574424

Telephone: +65 6352 2221

Trial classes are available, so do call for details.

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Lo was invited to the Artplay Session for a series of reviews. No monetary rewards were received but priceless experiences were accorded instead. All opinions are of our own.

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we missed the studio as well. my kids had lots of fun there.