3 is divine

Letter to Son

Three is Divine

In August, the nation celebrates its birthday. At the same month, the baby of the family celebrates his special day.

Three years ago on this very date, Little Lou was bought into this world. It seemed like only yesterday when I was cradling a tiny little baby in the hospital, holding him tight and keeping him warm in a swaddle of clothes. There in my arms lies one so innocent and pure.

Today such moments are rare. The little one has upgraded to a tiny terror with a strong punch to boot. The only thing remain is his loud trademark voice , which the nurses dubbed as the 'loud hailer' of the nursery ward. Even the baby fats on his cheeks and body had now visibly reduced. You could still pinch his cute cheeks, but the meatiness is lacking.

Having 2 boys , I do not have the pleasure to experience a daughter's gentleness. Boys are more boisterous and loud. Games with them usually expel my physical strength. More often than not, the younger one would gang up with the brother on a tag team fight with me. No points for guessing who usually end up beaten to a pulp. Yet the gentle side do exist in this little one. Whenever Daddy or anyone who was hurt, he would offer his touch and apologies ( if he caused it ). When Kor Kor was sad , he would be the one to rub his back and console him. He may be loud, but in reality he has a gentle soul.

At the turn of 2 , he had developed a sense of mischief and displays the negative symptoms of terrible two. Armed with a shriek that raises hair from a bald, he can be quite a handful if he opts to. However with the advent of his birthday, we hope he would leave this stage behind. Linguistically, he may not be as fluent as Kor Kor when the latter is 3. Nevertheless in terms of wits and charm, he holds the trump card. With his cheekiness and trademark self induce laughter, this boy never fails to amuse and never fear to laugh at his own silliness. The word cute is synonymous with him. It is no surprise to have strangers falling for his large puppy eyes that melts the stiffest of hearts.

Soon he would outgrow his toddler stage and grow into a lad. I would miss carrying and holding him close . I would miss those whiffs of Baby smell he omits. I would miss him falling asleep in my arms. In a nutshell , I will miss the lot of babyhood.

I will treasure whatever little time left before these little realities fade to become memories. My dear boy... Do know always that your Daddy Loves you for who you are and whom you will be... From yesterday to today till always.

Happy 3 , my little prince. May you enjoy your special day today.

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