Blue Mountain : Activity Tour Review

The final attraction to wrap up our Sydney adventure is the Day trip to Blue Mountain. There were many tour groups going to Blue Mountain and we decided to use Activity Tour for this day trip.
Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house

The choice was a relatively simple one. This may not be the cheapest nor was it the most expensive. However with a group of 10 , we had the option of a Private Charter for our trip. We had travelled with our grandparents for most of the holiday and will be join by our cousins T and K for this day trip. Thus the option of having the whole bus by ourselves is indeed a welcoming indulgence for the family.We were picked up by Nigel at 730am outside our Meriton World Tower service apartment.

The Tour
Our chartered bus was a comfortable 20 seated ride. Given that it is a chartered bus, we can opt for stopovers as we wish. Being our first trip to the Blue Mountains, we decided to let the guide lead us.
Say cheese
He decided to 'Wow' us by making a pit stop  at a quiet park, you have the majestic Harbour Bidge and Sydney Opera House as your background. It was definitely a 'Wow' as promised.

Featherdale Wildlife Park
Featherdale Wildlife Park
Our next stop would be the Featherdale Wildlife Park. In most trips to Blue Mountain, the visit to the park will be included. As we were on chartered , we are one of the first to arrive. The park was relatively empty when we were there, thus giving us the luxury to explore the premises.
Meet the wild life
After visiting the Sydney Wildlife and Tangora Zoo, we thought that we have seen it all the wild life in Australia. We were not expecting any major surprises in Featherdale, but it turns out to be our favourite Zoo/ Park for the trip.
Roam in the park
The park is not as big as the previous two, thus making it comfortable for little pus like us to roam about. In addition, we get up close and personal with a few Australian animals. We get to pet the giant lizards and baby kangaroos and feed wallabies.
New addition to the farm
There is also an activity for Kids. We were given an Activity Book to stamp for every stations we come across. With our cousins, T and K, we eagerly ran around the park to complete the book.
All stamped!
This is also the place where Daddy finally caught his first glimpse of the Tazmania Devil. On the previous 2 occasions at the zoo/park, the little devils were out of sight as they had sought refuge in their hideouts.
Meet the native animals of Aussie
Not forgetting , we had finally a family shot with Louis' favourite Koala Bear. He is a happy camper now.
The spark is a great way to get close and interactive with the animals. Most of them are allowed to roam unchanged within their premises. It resembles more like a Pet farm rather than a zoo.
Meet the rest do the crew at Featherdale
Don't forget to make a stop at the souvenir shop for some made in Australia plush Koalas. Yes Aussie made, which means it is price 3 times more than those made elsewhere.
Made in Australia
Blue Mountains National Park
Don't get lost!
Our trip continues with a walk around Blue Mountain National Park. We took a short trek to the Katoomea Cascades and caught our first glimpse of waterfalls at the Blue Mountains.
Further in , we caught this spectacular view of the scenic cable car ride. Another 'Wow' moment.
Scenic cable car view
Needless to say, it was an ideal spot for a family photograph.
When we emerged from the lush forest, we landed right at the doorstep of our lunch venue, Falls cafe at Katoomea.
Cable car view
It was a quaint restaurant and we practically had a whole green room by ourselves. There is a nice view of the Scenic Ride from the room. Lunch was an Aussie fare of burgers and fries. Yummy.
Fall's Cafe
This restaurant was also arranged by our guide, given the guidelines that we wanted a cheery place for kids. We think our expectation were exceeded with this choice as a lunch stop.
There was a little gripe though, we were not allowed to use the in house toilet, but were told to use the public toilet across the room. A little damper to otherwise an enjoyable lunch.
Salt or Pepper?
Scenic World

After lunch, we had a choice to visit a village or take the scenic skyway. It was really no surprise that we choose the latter. After all which kids would resist a cable car ride suspended 270 metres above ancient ravines?
Let's go for a ride!
To get a closer look at the Three Sisters, Nigel bought us to Echo Point for our next stop.
Echo Point
The Mountain air must have got into our head as we proceed to hug the red letter box we spotted.
We hugs Letterbox
This is probably the spot where you can get closest to the Three Sisters, the iconic rock formation that defines Blue Mountain.
Can you spot the Sisters?
The Paramomic view from Echo Point is equally breath taking.
Panaromic View at Echo Point
We did what typical tourists would do. A family photo at the Three Sisters.
You can opt for a walk down to the valley of Three Sisters via a 800 steps giant stairways. However we decided to save that trip for another visit.
The Wackies@ Three Sisters
There is a mini shopping center located at Echo Point. Good for the hardcore Singaporean shoppers
Echo Point
As shopping was not our forte, we decided to explore and spotted this wall of hands located at the basement. Needless to say, we decided to leave our mark there.
Spot our hands
Flat Rock
Flat Rock
Our last destination was at Flat Rock. This was probably one of the places that most tour would not venture into given its narrow passage. However it was here that Nigel promised us would be another 'Wow' moment.
90 Degree Cliff
Being here, it felt as if we had been transported to the beginning of time. With a view of forests and cliffs that spans beyond the horizon, it is hard not to be 'Wow' as promised.All we could say is that it is a beautiful untouched piece of land and we are glad to be there to witness it.
What a view!
Before you know it, the tour ended at about 5pm. We had the option of having a cruise, but we choose to take the bus back . There was an international rugby match near the Jetty, so we decided to skip it due to the traffic.
We would highly recommend Activity Tour for a visit to Blue Mountains. Just remember to look for Nigel to book your 'Wow' moments !
Nigel our guide
With this, we end our coverage on Sydney. Do tune in for more travel adventures in the future. Like us at our Facebook Fanpage for updates on our escapades.

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