Delifrance Mooncake - Bonne Fête de la Mi-Automne 中秋快乐

Delifrance 'Effiel Tower' mooncake
I have never been to Paris.

The 14 hours trip there will a challenge for a toddler my age. Fortunately Delifrance had decided to bring a little bit of Pari to me with the Bonne Fête de la Mi-Automne Delifrance mooncake

Eiffel Tower Mooncake
Wrapped in an elongated box with a print of the Eiffel Tower on the cover, the Delifrance mooncakes distinguish itself from the traditional boxes of mooncakes from hotels and restaurants. This is the 2nd year that Delifrance had produced mooncakes and even in its sophomore year, it introduces a new selection of Halal mooncakes with a modern twist.

Exciting modern flavours
A departure from the typical lotus past-based variety in the market, Delifrance has introduced its own unique and refreshing flavours. We were overwhelm with the new flavours introduced. With flavours including the White lotus with QQ milky green bean, Mango Lotus paste with Diced Mango, Walnut Tiramisu, Pandan Lotus with Custard, White Chocolate with Cranberry Paste and Pure Lotus with Melon Seed, this year selection is bound to excite the taste buds in more ways than one.

French Delight
The beautifully packaged mooncakes inspired by Delifrance French heritage. We reckon it will make your mooncake gift stand out literally from the crowd.

The mooncakes are available at $10.80 per piece or $42.80 for a box of four. For early birds, there is a discount of 15% for purchase before 5 September.  In addition there will be 15% discount exclusively for Standard Chartered Card Holders for box of 4 till 17th September.

Thanks Delifrance for the mooncakes
Bon Appetit!

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