The LONG and SHORT of Growing Up


There comes a point in time when you realised that you child is growing up. You know the moments when you go "Wow, he is a big boy now " type of scenario. It could be a visible milestone such as walking or growing taller, or a verbal one like making sentences and asking questions. It could also come in different forms and shapes you least quite expected.

In this instance , the big boy of the family ( not me) decided that he wanted to cut his hair. It wasn't because his lovely locks are too long nor because he was vain and wanted to restyle his hair. Rather it is the result of a tease in school that prompted him to make the request. To start off with, the boy was sporting a pseudo Korean hairstyle. You know the long locks that covers the ears and slightly longer at the back. If you need a visual, this was how he looked like before.

However not all all parents condone such hairstyles. Most would rather have the child hair short in an army crew cut influence probably by the father's army days. However since I was a mini long haired rebel biker back in my younger years, I have no qualms about keeping my boys hairstyle long.
It came to a surprise that the boy was picked in school on his locks and was visibly upset when he was referred as a 'she' due to the hairstyle he spot. Over the weekend, he even asked permission to snipe his locks himself!

Now we all know how peer pressure can be... What is worse is that such peer pressure may result in a mild form of bullying. Rather than subject him to teases, no matter how much we love his look and how long hair actually suited him, the teasing got to stop. Save for confronting the 'culprits', we decided it is time to have a haircut. We did take him to the barber instead of acceding to his request for self remedy. With a few quick instructions to the barber' the haircut proceeds.

"Short in front, short at the back"

He gleefully conducted the barber auntie.
Behold the final output.

Needless to say, he was a happy camper. It is a bonus that the 'new' look still rocks and we unbiasedly still think he is a handsome lad no matter what style he sports. Actually he looks older and less babyish with this style. Incidentally Daddy dubbed this look as the NS boy look.

More importantly, this episode showed the boy is growing up. He had became influenced by his peers . He had made a 'adult' decision to take matters into his own hands and make things work for him. No more Mommy and Daddy simply dictating what is good for him. Not all decisions by the parents are always right. He is making his own choices and decisions which he thinks it more appropriate for him. This is what Growing Up means.

Another milestone reached.

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