Tokyo Holiday Planner for kids

Winter Tokyo

Holiday beckons  

As the end if the year draws near, it is time to have another vacation. This year we deliberately have more vacations both short and long, near and far. The reason for this extensive travel - it would be the last year Big C is going be in pre-school. Going forward, we do foresee with his Primary school days looming in the horizon, taking a holiday may not be as flexible as how we are doing today.

Our year end travel plan will be at one of our favourite destination- Tokyo. We were there last year but it was only for a day as we were on a tour around Japan. This time round we are going to have a free and easy one week stay in Tokyo.

We have pondered long about which hotels to stay in Tokyo. After an extensive search and much debate on the choice of hotel, we decided to make Hilton Tokyo Bay as our home for a week.

Why did we choose the hotel in Tokyo amongst many others?
Simple- the room we chosen is called the Happy Magic Room. With a name like that, we think it deserved to be explored. In addition, the hotel is a accredited Disneyland Resort hotel. Since we plan to spend at least 2 full days in the 'happiest place on earth ', it is a no brainer to choose this hotel. Distance wise, it may be far from Shinjuku (Takes about 45minutes train ride) , but shopping was not our top priority for this trip

Fun fun fun
The main agenda for this trip would be 3 main activities, namely fun, fun and more fun. It means this trip  will be packed with kids friendly activities and venues. On top of our list would be the duo combination of Disneyland and Disneysea. In addition, a day visit to the nearby Odiaba on the large Ferris wheel is planned. En route , we will stop at Legoland Discovery center. Another day is reserved for museum and zoo at Uneo. If time and a sense of adventure permits, we may venture to Mount Fuji, via a myriad of the infamous Tokyo subways and buses, for a day trip to Thomasland. Lastly we would probably take a trip to Sinjuku and Harajuku for window shopping and soaking in the Japanese culture.

As usual, we will chronicle our adventures here at Do bookmark us as we seek to bring you Tokyo for kids under our popular Holiday for kids segment.

Counting down to holiday season... Tick Tok Tick Tok...

For those who are thinking about a holiday, we think it is wise to start booking now. Confirming early would probably get you cheaper tickets and room rates. Furthermore, plane tickets may be limited. We had our tickets early and enjoy the early saver rates. During the seat selection, we were surprised to see the airplane almost 90% full.

For a family of 4 , the difference in early booking for airfares could be as much as the hotel stay itself, so don't hesitate. Book your holiday today.

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