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Stickerkid from Switzerland
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We have a surprise package all the way from Switzerland.
A pack of personalized stickers and iron-ons from Stickerkid.

Little Lou stickers
About Stickerkid
Stickerkid was originated and produced in Switzerland from 2004. These Swiss made stickers and iron-on labels are the brainchild of founders Doerthe and Christian. Till date they have printed millions of labels for countless parents.
They are joined by Josephine who is heading the Singapore market and can be found at

Big C stickers
We recieved a package consisting of the following labels
- Shoe stickers
- Medium size labels
- Small labels
- Iron-ons

The Stickerkid test
With an arsenal of stickers, we could not wait to personalise our belongings. Without battling an eyelid, we grab a handful of stuff that we intend to 'test' our stickers on.
It did not take long for us to paste the stickers on our favourite items. If we have a choice we would most probably paste the stickers on everything we call ours.

Sticker time!
Types of Stickers
Medium size stickers
Measuring 60 x 18mm, you could personalise your stickers with to 2 liners. You could probably include information such as your child's name and your contact number. This would be useful for small kids just in case they get lost in the mall.
There are a wide range of logos and colours available so you can customised and make one of the kind stickers for your children.
Large and extra large stickers are available for you to add additional information such as address and other info.

Medium Size stickers
Shoe stickers
Stickers for shoes?

Yep, you heard us right. Available at a size of 37x40mm, we think these stickers are great! Imagine in a child care center where 50 pairs of shoes greets you at the door. With stickers like these, you can identify it easily.

You can add 3 lines to this sticker. In addition, these stickers are not limited to shoes and you can use them anywhere.

Shoe stickers
Small size stickers
Small size stickers are simple. It comes with a personalized one liner measuring 46X 6mm in size. We think it it great for pencils, toys and whatever smallish items you have.

Small size stickers
Measuring 42 X 12 mm, we think this is a must have for school clothes.
The iron-ons are great for preschool or primary school kids especially if they need to change clothes in school. It can be washed up to 45 times at 60 degree.

Iron-on vs printed clothes
Need to pass the clothes down to junior ? No fret, the iron on can be removed with heat. So you can still reuse the old clothes or put them up for sale on a later date. Say goodbye to pre printed t-shirts with names on it. Iron-on makes more sense and it is much cheaper.
We had a good time personalising our times with Stickerkid stickers.

Stickerkid fan
For more selections and to order one for yourself , you can visit their website at or visit their facebook fanpage here.

Stickers everywhere!
Remember to personalised it to your own preferences and style!

Dino C
Tiger Lou
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Do head down to to select your own personalised stickers!

Happy Stickerkid


Anonymous said...

I have placed an order with stickerkid.
products not received but credit card debited for payment.
I am very disappointed

TWD said...

Hi, I think it is normal for credit card to be debited before the product are send. Should be a standard practice even for big boys like Maybe you could check with them on the status of delivery. Good Luck!