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The Wow boys
When my little brother was invited to a semester of Wow Arts ' Artsplay' , I was a little jealous. Not only I do not get to indulge in one of my 'passion' , I will be missing his presence during the time.

Little artist @ work
Given that we love to do things together, Daddy had decided to enroll me for the Wow Arts ' Arts Alive ' class. It may be a different class from Little Lou but at least I would be at the same venue as him and enjoying Arts Classes too.

This is a drop off class. Given that I am quite accustomed to enrichment classes, I have no issue on attending class on my own.

Arts alive class
Arts Alive
Arts alive is a class for ages 4-9. It focus on independent thinking, versatility and expression. We work on different medium from crayons, paints, chalks and lots more. Themes such as nature, design and geography are introduce in blocks of 4 lessons per theme. As such in a semester, I was exposed to 3 different themes.

Trees in chalk
With each different themes, we were taught on to interpret it using different mediums. For example, for the theme 'trees', I used chalk, crayon and paints to work on my art work. In between I am taught how to interpret perspective and scale. Perspective refers to how the same object will different in size base on distance. Scale is the relative size between different objects.
Trees in crayon
Along the way, I had also discovered my weaknesses and strengths. The teacher commented that I am stronger in drawing than I am at painting.

Trees in pastel paint
Landscape 1 : Mountains
Daddy was amazed by the quality of artwork done. To create such art works, it is simply more than just copying and drawing. Preparations are needed to create the base for oil paintings so we could create the right look.
Most of the works are from our own interpretations with the teachers guiding us on the techniques.

Landscape 2 : River
Other than painting or drawing, clay modelling is included in some classes

The Hat was probably one of my best work during the semester. It is probably the most realistic picture I had etched to date on charcoal.
When Daddy saw it, he went 'Wow' followed by a rather skeptical 'Did you draw it?'
In the meantime we guess we can figure out how Wow arts got its name, given the countless times Daddy went Wow when he check out my work.

During the semester, there was also a mini exhibition for Arts Alive students to showcase our work. I had 2 artwork chosen, the River and the Hat.

It was cool to see my work up on the wall. It does make me feel proud.

My semester has come to a close. Given that I am going to primary school next year, I would most probably discontinue my classes as Wow Arts is located a distance away from where I stay.
Nonetheless I will be on the look out for more arts classes near my vicinity. I would also look for class that teaches the basic of drawing. Since I had expressed interest in arts, it may be good to work on this interest and see where it goes in the future...

Who knows , there might just be a Van Gough in me.

Future Van Gough

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