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Letter to Sons : A Step closer to the Big 40

Letter to sons

Dearest sons

Time waits for no man.

In the blink of an eye, 39 years on my life flashes by me. The early years I cannot remember, the 10s was a prolong waiting game, the 20s was about discovery and the 30s was about change. The last decade I had grown from an individual to be a husband and a father, with my own family to love and treasure.

It had come much faster than I would have liked, but there is no denying the passage of time. Today will be the year I would enjoy the last of my thirties. It will not be long before the big 40 arrives. Since this is the last hurray for this decade that began with a 3, it will be celebrated with much aplomb. After all, with a life experience of substantial years, it is safe to say that I would have learnt a thing or two over this time.

So for today, I will be sharing with you the 39 things I have learned over this period of existence.

1 Be thankful for who you are
You are unique and will always be one. That makes you special regardless of who you are.

2 Follow your heart
I did and I married the woman of my dream - your Mom.

3 Do not be afraid of experiences.
It may be good, it may be bad, it may be happy, it may be sad. Regardless, each experience shape the person that you would become. You in the future will be a summation of you in the past. Learn to enjoy each experience for what it is worth and you will enjoy life for what it is.

4 Look at the world through a child's eyes
Innocence is lost as age catches up, nonetheless, you taught me how to look at things through your eyes. One that is filled with unconditional love, unlimited energy and purity. Don't lose that vision of a child for it is one that life is meant to be.

5 Don't sweat the small stuff
Life is too short to be worrying about what to eat for dinner or to fret about gaining weight. Really ... let your girlfriends/ wives know that.

6 You have potential in everything
You never know if you can unless you try. So with every new task or experience, believe in yourself that you have the means to excel.

7 Fatherhood is scary but at the same time fulfilling
Do not worry about parenting skills, it will come to you. Being a father may be scary but add a booming voice and the child would listen most of the time. And at times if they don't, just join them in their fun. But before you become a father, learn to be a husband first.

8 Be thankful for family
You may have loads of friends in the future, but you have only 1 family.

9 Give your love ones a kiss or a hug every day if you could
It does wonders. Imagine all troubles just disappear with a hug or a kiss. Treat your love ones well and it will be reciprocated.

10 Forgive and forget
Life is too short to bear grudges, Learn to forgive and forget.

11 Be generous
Return each act of kindness, be generous when you can. What goes around comes around.

12 Smile, it's free
And best of all, it lights up the world around you.

13 Read and you will gain knowledge
Reading is a powerful way to acquire knowledge. Gain it and use it wisely. It will be your most powerful weapon if you know how to harness it.

14 Accept criticism
Take criticism in your stride. Listen to them and make the change if it deems fit. Don't fight it. After all, everyone is a critic and you can't win them all.

15 The best things in life do not cost an arm or a leg
A hug, a kiss, touch does not cost a thing, but it does wonders and magic to those around you. Oh free things are good too, just don't be a freeloader (refer to point 11)

16 Opportunities may only come once
If it is befitting to you, take it! Don't live life with regrets and what-ifs.

17 Praise The Lord
Give thanks for all that you have are through His hands.

18 Life is full of little pleasures
From watching a sunset with a love one to witnessing your child walk for the first time to sharing a moment between love ones. You don't have to look far for that special moment. It is there. Recognize it, cherish it, enjoy it.

19 Don't compare
Once you start, you will never stop. There will always be someone better, smarter, richer at any point of life. But remember there is the only one you and no one could be you. It would be much better if you are thankful and enjoy your lot than to constantly yearn for otherwise. Don't devoid yourself the pleasure to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

20 Control your temper
You have a fiery heritage, aka Dad. Do rein in the anger. I had walked the path of fire and it was not pleasant. Be a nice guy, you will make more friends.

21 Live to love so you can love to live
Sharing your love would be a better option than not loving. Trust your dad on this one.

22 Take note of your past
Take photos, write a diary, do a blog. There are too many things in life to remember, so start a journal to help you. You will be pleasantly pleased when you can recall those fond memories with these aids, especially when you reach midlife when memories are not going to be your forte.

23 Don't be afraid to fail
For each bitter failure will only make every success sweeter.

24 Change is the only constant
Be receptive to changes in life. Nothing stays constant. I had wanted you to remain at age 1 and see where both of you are now.

25 Life is not a race, slow down
You only live once, there is no need to rush. Before you know it, you will be hitting mid-life. It may seem slow now, but you wouldn't want it to come sooner than it should. I know... been there, done that.

26 Live the moment
Don't bask in past glory or worry about future challenges. Live the moment today. There may not be another day.

27 Learn a survival skill
Give the man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish and he will eat forever. Learning how to somersault from the bed is fine, learning how to somersault and get paid for it is even better.

26 Real men do cry
Otherwise, we will be known as robots.

27 There is always someone who loves you
Yes, there is... If not there is always Mom and Dad.

28 Never stop learning
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Every day is a learning experience. It is just a matter if you choose to be schooled. Choose to be schooled and learn a new thing every day.

29 Don't stop dreaming
You might be the one who finally figures out how to build a castle in the sky.

30 Don't be too serious
There you go. It is perfectly fine to go crazy once in a while. It is a good way to relieve stress.

31 Pick Your Battles
You are not Thor, no matter what you think. Not every battle needs to be fought. You just have to win the war. If in doubt, run. Running is not cowardly; it just means you live to fight another day.

32 Don't live on credit
Buy what you can afford... in cash. Pay your credit cards bills in full. Don't take unnecessary loans. You don't want to splash your hard earn cash on interest payments. The only things you get on credit will be assets such as house or investments. Otherwise, cash is king.

33 You are what you eat
French Fries, nuggets, pizza sans vegetables are not components of a healthy diet. Don't blame Dad for what you will become 20 years down the road, especially if you refuse to eat your broccoli now.

34 Exercise
If you do insist on eating what you want, do remember to exercise. Both of you should have no problem with it, given the constant running about in the house. Keeping fit would also help in your Ippt. Something you will be familiar past 20s.

35 Have fun
You are entitled to. It is a right, not just a privilege.

36 Dance like no one is watching
Do not be afraid to strut your stuff. I did not and that is how I got your Mommy to be my wife.

37 Don't give up
There is always a mean to away. If you fall, you get up again. If you choose not to, you will just be lying on the ground and missing out on life.

38 Live your life
Not mine, not mom's... You are your own destiny. Choose to live it wisely.

39 Celebrate every milestone
It is worth the celebration and a perfect excuse to enjoy the moment

Now let's celebrate!
Where is my birthday cake?

With Love


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