The Journal

The Journal
School is out!

One of the more interesting thing Big C had done in School is the journal. He had to update our journal every other week on his experiences during the weekday. Thereafter it will be a show and tell session in class.

The Journal
As part of the Wacky Duo, we have alot of invitations to events and activities. It will be hard to catch us lazing around at home on weekends. This helped Big C in filling the journals with wonderful experiences throughout the year.

His teacher had even commented that he probably had the most activities done for the year in the class. Looking through the activities listed over the year, that would be a very fair statement to make.

Activities with parents
This is probably one of the thing he would miss going into primary school. During one of our holiday vacation , he even mentioned that he wanted this to be in his journal even though his pre school years have ended. The journal will be missed by him.

Nevertheless with, he will still have a venue to reminisce about his childhood. Perhaps one day, he will officially take over this journal.

Starting a journal is a great way to remember for all ages. Why not considering starting one today?

New Experiences.

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