Taiwan Holidays : Ever Green Grassland- Sun Moon Lake- Wen Wu Temple- Sun Link Sea Resort

Green green grassland

Chan Brothers customised Taiwan Tour

This is part 2 of our Taiwan escapade. Part 1 can be found at the following link
Part 1 : Chan Brothers Customised Holidays : Taiwan - Tashee Blooming Oasis, Swiss Garden

Day 3

Ever green grassland
Attraction : The Evergreen Grassland - 清境農場
The tour continues with a morning visit up the mountains to The Evergreen Grassland at Cingjing Farm.

This green green grassland is a popular tourist site filled with herds of sheep grazing on grass.

Actually on hindsight, the grass in the sheep's pen were pretty bare. The Sheeps were obviously hungry as they targeted tourist with food in their hands. Some were so daring that they would literally snatch the food from your hands when given the chance.

Still it did not stop us from attempting to feed them.

Feed Me!
There were huge horses too if you fancy a horse ride.

Horse Rides
Big C had requested for his first horse ride which we readily obliged.

In addition to the rides, there are also shows such as sheep shearing with shearers from NZ

Enjoying the View
The Grassland is divided into 2 areas. We proceed to the 2nd part after about. 1.5 hours spend on the first.

Say Cheese
The other part features a horse riding show...

Horse Riding Show ?
Er, not the one above. It was a show that was performed by Mongolians!
Too bad we can only catch about 10 minutes of the show as we had to rush off for another destination.

Horse Performance at Green Green Grassland
Attraction : Sun Moon Lake 日月潭

Sun Moon Lake Rock
It was a 2-3 hours drive to Sun Moon Lake . This is the largest body of water in Taiwan as well as a tourist attraction situated in Yuchi Natou.

Sun Moon Lake
We did managed to head to the lake for a quick walk later the day. There was not much things to do save for rows of shops lining up the road to the river.

Sun Moon Lake Part 2
Attraction : Wenwu Temple (文武廟) \

Wen Wu Temple
Just opposite to the Sun Moon Lake is the Wen Wu Temple.

Wen Wu Temple was build in 1938 to replace several smaller temples affected by a dam that cause Sun moon lake water levels to rise.

Golden Bellls
Golden Dome

Fountain of Dragons
The temple is still undergoing renovations and there is an impressive stone craving staircase that had yet to be completed.

Attraction : Peacock Garden

Peacock garden
The next stop is the nearby Peacock garden. This is the largest peacock garden in Taiwan and is said to be a favourite stop of Ma Ying-Jeou ( Taiwan President)

The garden is probably a 15 minutes stop. There were a selection of other birds including Taiwan National Bird, the Taiwan Blue Magpie.

Taiwan National Bird
The tour guide had mentioned that the Peacock Garden might pave way for other developments in the future.
Accomodation : Sun Link Sea Resort

Sun Moon Link Sea Resort
The accommodation for the night is at Sun Moon Link Sea Resort at Nantou County. We attended a Chinese Popcorn making session where we get our chance to make some popcorn.

Chinese Popcorn
We stumbled upon these claw machines at the resort. Apparently Taiwan is famous for these little claw machines.

Save me!
The rooms here is much simpler and dated to the rest of the hotels we had stayed for the tour. It is also the only hotel without in room Wifi.

Rooms at Sun Link Sea Resort
Attraction : Sun Link Sea Forest Ecology Resort Park

Sun Link Sea Forest Ecology Resort Park
At a cooling 10 Degree, we proceed to explore the Sun Link Sea Forest Ecology Park the next morning.

Tour Buddies
This is probably the highlight of the tour. We will be having guided walks in the forest.

Our Guides
It was our first REAL forest walk. To be surrounded by large trees is a very surreal feeling especially when we are so accustomed to the urban jungle.

Look up!
It is occasions like this that made this tour unique and memorable. We could never do this is in Singapore. A walk in Bukit Timah Hill would probably not come close to this park.

The scenery during the walk is definitely a Wow in our books.

We trooped down about 1 km to the Green Dragon Waterfall that goes through 116 meters layers of cliffs before the water falls from the sky.

We explored two different park walks. Both are equally refreshing .

Not everyone managed to complete the walk...

Dozing off
But for those who did, it was indeed a breath of fresh air.

Walk in the Park
Primitive mountain scenery, clean water and cool air with a pleasant climate makes this walk in the park an experience to savor.

Forest Man
Next stop : Kaoshiung !
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