The Real Reunion

Grand arrival

Reunion dinner in March ?

No, we are not fashionably late for our traditional CNY reunion dinner. Rather we were invited to experience 'The Real Reunion ' dinner. Hosted by 4 enterprising NTU youth who made their project a national call for families to have their meals together, it is a reunion that aims to strengthen family bonds through meals.

To quote the organizers
'By redefining the notion of "reunion dinner", we hope that families can have meals together much more often and not limiting reunion dinner to any culture or special festivities.'
With such a noble notion, we thought this is a good initiative to advocate to the masses. To do so, we have to first practice what we preach and thus our little family readily accepted the invitation to join in ' The Real Reunion'
Look who joined us!
Held at the Blisshouse Themed Restaurant, 50 plus families gathered in a room filled with white roses and under the watchful eyes of little fairies. This whimsical setting is perfect for a mini mass reunion of families.
1 reunion, 50 families
We are glad to have this opportunity to sit together and dine as a family. In truth, due to work commitments, it was rather difficult to get the children sitted with us during meal time due to their eating habits. In addition, distractions like iPads, smartphones, newspaper would tend to hinder a proper family meal. Thus it is welcoming to have a meal together as a family for this 'Reunion'.
It is in moments like this when we discover the pleasures of each other's company.

The event was well organized. We even participated in parent-child event. We may not win, but it was fun teaming up for the games.
It was also a reunion of sorts for our fellow parent bloggers and their families. We have met some like-minded friends throughout our blogging journey and we are glad to be able to share this reunion dinner with them.
Say hi to AHappyMum, EdUnloaded, Cheekiemonkies, SengkangBabies, JBabies and PrincessDanaDaries!
Thumbs up to the four final year students from NTU, Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information - Jayne , Desmond, Zhihui and Nathan for a job well done.
Great job guys . You deserve an A for this! ( Lecturers do take note )
L-R Jayne , Desmomd, Zhi Hui and Nathan
An excerpt from ' The Real Reunion Team' that summed up our feeling on Reunion Dinner.

The fabric of family is woven by shared experiences and time spent together. Having meals together as a family can help family members leave behind their individual pursuits and foster better parent-child relationship. It is one of the simplest yet most effective ways for parents to be engaged with their child’s lives.
From the Chinese, to the Malay and Indian families, we all value the Asian values of collectivism and hold ideals of family unity and harmony. This is why our campaign aims to spread the idea that reunion dinner does not need to be a yearly affair, it can be a daily affair.
The Real Reunion
Reunion dinner is not just meant for special occasion. You can do this anytime. Better still, make it a daily affair with your immediate family.
Make everyday special!

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