Wonderful 7

Dearest C

7 years ago on, 2 miracles happened. One, you were born and two I became a Dad. Through these years that had passed, I had learn alot about me through you. It had been enlightening and quite a ride. A wonderful 7 years indeed.

You have grown from a little preemie to a fine lad. A little miracle that is the sum of your parent's love.

In the beginning , things were not as smooth as it is. You had been a feisty one. I remember the preschool days when we bought you to school. Everyday is like a little battle where you would violently protest with tears and screams. It was not easy, but at the turn of 5 you amazed us. You decided it was time to grow up. The protests stopped overnight. You have shown that you are a man of your words.Today you go to classes or school without a hint of your past. In fact you enjoyed it so much that you were sad when we decided to change classes for you. You prove people can change for the better.
Age 7
The years passed by and you have matured before our eyes. As a son, you learn to respect both your parents. It was very different when you were a toddler and only listen to Mom. As you grow older, you choose not to take side and had been diplomatic in dealing with your parents attention. As a brother, you have learn to share and be responsible as the older siblings. Fights still occur, but they are usually resolve as soon as it started. There had been flashes of tantrums, but it is hard not to especially if you are still a little child. Yet you have shown on occasions, that you can be a good brother by giving way and showing genuine care to your younger one.

You have grown as an individual , a son and a brother.

However the journey continues. This year you embark on another chapter of your life... Primary School. There will be challenging times ahead but you have shown little signs that you are up for it. Keep it up my son.

Happy Birthday!

Love Dad
Swensens Madagascar Ice Cream Cake
PS : A Special thanks to Swenson's for providing us their awesome Dreamworks Madagasar Ice Cream Cake as a treat for Big C. The boys and their cousins loved it!

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  1. Hey, my elder one has the same birthday as your son.